Sanofi X Paris 2024

At Sanofi, we’re proud to be premium partner of Paris 2024.

Like Olympians and Paralympians, we spend every day challenging ourselves and each other to be better, go further, and to never, ever settle as we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games aren't just about sport. They're about courage, resilience, teamwork and making an impact in the world.

Leveraging sport and the momentum from the Paris 2024 Games, we have the ability to make science more inclusive, available and meaningful to all, building a true legacy in line with our purpose. This starts by building a bold, open and inclusive workplace where everyone can ignite their potential.

Igniting the Potential in Everyone

Science and sport aren’t that different. Just like athletes do, we overcome setbacks to keep moving forward, not just for ourselves, but for our patients, colleagues, families and friends.

Recognizing the people who taught us to never settle

Team Sanofi’s artistic gymnast Yul Moldauer lives by the motto “embrace the grind”, helping him dig deep when his body’s exhausted, and carry on when he wants to give up. In those moments, he also draws on the constant strength from his dad, Shaw.

For Yul, the key to success is knowing you can always be better; the same inspirational mindset we all aim for every day as we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

Diagnosed with traverse myelitis at the age of 13, Lauren put her passion for sports on hold. Her mum reignited it. Lauren, today a double Paralympic gold medalist rower, is heading for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, with her mum by her side.

Like Lauren, we spend every day challenging ourselves and each other as we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

Our commitments

Through our partnership with Paris 2024, we are creating opportunities to engage our 91,000 employees worldwide, including 20,000 in France, and to promote diversity and inclusion in a unique way inside and outside Sanofi.

Team Sanofi

A unique group of 14 athletes and coaches who share our ambition to make an impact on the world

The Meningitis Flag

We’re committed to leveraging our partnership with Paris 2024 to elevate the worldwide fight against meningitis. We’re incredibly proud to support the launch of the Meningitis Flag and do our part to reach the World Health Organization’s goal to defeat meningitis by 2030.

200 days until Paris 2024 Paralympic Games!

As para-athletes are getting ready to fly their country’s flag, a new flag will also be flying: the MeningitisFlag. 

Meet Laura Spring – The Meningitis Flag Designer

Laura Spring is a textile designer. She collaborated with three para-athletes and a dozen Meningitis Research Foundation and Confederation of Meningitis Organisations members worldwide to create the Meningitis Flag.

A symbol to unite the world against meningitis

Co-created and inspired by Team Sanofi para-athletes Ellie Challis, Théo Curin and Davide Morana, the Meningitis Flag seeks to increase the understanding of meningitis.

Introducing Team Sanofi: The Ignitors

In our journey to Paris 2024, we are teaming up with a group of inspirational Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches from diverse walks of life and sporting disciplines.

Team Sanofi "ignitors" share a common ambition with Sanofi and Paris 2024 to create a better tomorrow.  All are committed advocates, using their success to make an impact on society: championing diversity, valuing difference, building equity, and creating inclusion.

Meet the Team

Valériane Ayayi

Basketball, France

Amandine Buchard

Judo, France

Ellie Challis

Para Swimming, Great Britain

Théo Curin

Para swimming, France

Dany Dann

Breaking, France

Sarah Farhoud

Team Doctor, Saudi Arabia

Ezra Frech

Para Athletics, United States of America

Nantenin Keita

Para Athletics, France

Sarah M'Barek

Football Coach, France

Nicolas Mahut

Tennis, France

Yul Moldauer

Gymnastics, United States of America

Davide Morana

Para Athletics, Italy

Lauren Rowles

Para Rowing, Great Britain

Nicolai Zeltinger

Wheelchair Basketball, Germany

Ignite Your Potential with Sanofi

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January 25, 2024

Fighting for Inclusion: Is the industry of the future a response to the quest for meaning and the challenges of inclusion in our society?


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