Know your risk, Know your response

Published on: November 14, 2023


World Diabetes Day 2023: Understanding personal risks and highlighting the role of education in prevention.

Every day, we stand alongside in support of each person living with diabetes. And today, on World Diabetes Day, we join the global diabetes community in sharing the importance of education, when making informed decisions about health in the management of this complex and chronic disease.

This year the International Diabetes Federation (IDF)’s theme, Know Your Risk, Know Your Response’ is aimed primarily at the 90% of the diabetes population living with type 2 diabetes. Nearly half of these are undiagnosed, unaware of the risks to their health. Knowing the risk of developing type 2 to help delay or prevent the condition further, by completing IDF’s risk assessment tool is a call to action for those not yet diagnosed to seek information on their personal risk. It also calls on healthcare professionals, to investigate advanced trainings and resources to detect complications earlier on to provide the best possible care for the individual. 

For others, already diagnosed and living with diabetes, they may be unaware of the benefits of optimum management of their condition and delaying complications by changing and maintaining healthy habits. Diabetes can affect the whole body so taking action to learn how to keep blood sugar levels, blood pressure and body fats under control is integral. If not controlled, it can lead to long-term complications with eyesight, the heart, the kidneys, diabetic neuropathy and as many as 66% of people who live with type 2 diabetes are affected by fatty liver disease.  

Diabetes is personal: people’s demographic, genetic and socio-economic situation influences their personal risk of diabetes developing or worsening. We believe it’s essential to help each person better understand how their own body responds on a day-to-day basis. A “one size fits all” approach to health fits no-one: we’re each unique with complex daily routines and individual responses to food, exercise and all aspects of life.

On World Diabetes Day, attention is often drawn to the global landscape of diabetes but this is made up of hundreds of millions of unique individuals. Supporting them with education can help change their future.  

The results provided by IDF from the type 2 risk assessment are not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are at risk or have concerns about diabetes, we strongly recommend consulting a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.


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