Without vaccination, rabies is almost always fatal. (1) Since vaccines can save lives, we seek to bring them to people around the world.
Women giving food to hungry street dogs
Women giving food to hungry street dogs
Rabies vaccines can mean the difference between life and death for far too many people still today.
Bogdana Coudsy

Bogdana Coudsy

Global Head of Medical Affairs for Vaccines

Did You Know?

Every 9 minutes

Frequency at which someone in the world dies of rabies.2  


Estimated percentage of total deaths from rabies which occur in children 15 years old or younger.


The number of countries worldwide where Rabies still exists.1  

Rabies Still Kills

99% of rabies cases are transmitted by dog bites, and it’s estimated that around 59,000 people still die from rabies each year, but many cases go unreported. 1,3

That’s while more than 29 million people receive an immunization post-exposure each year.1

Protecting People Worldwide

Sanofi has developed, manufactured, and delivered rabies vaccines since 1977, and we continue to innovate in rabies vaccines to help address ongoing public health needs. 

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