Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection that can be life-threatening, but vaccines work to prevent its harms.
Girls with happy faces
Girls with happy faces
It’s important for international travelers to prevent typhoid, including by getting a vaccine if they are planning to visit areas where the infection still circulates broadly.
Bogdana Coudsy

Bogdana Coudsy

Global Head of Medical Affairs for Vaccines

Did You Know?

Salmonella Typhi

The name of the bacteria that causes Typhoid, often labelled S.Typhi1

11 – 21 million

Estimated range of Typhoid fever cases yearly.

120 – 161 thousand

Estimated range of Typhoid fever deaths, yearly.1

How Typhoid Harms 

Salmonella Typhi enters the body through ingesting infected food or water and can easily spread from person to person, particularly in areas with poor sanitation.1  

In recent years, the bacteria has become resistant to front-line antibiotics, raising alarm bells about future potential outbreaks that would be difficult to control.2

Our Traveler Vaccine

Sanofi offers a vaccine against typhoid fever that is approved for use in people two years old and older in the US and Europe for those planning to travel to highly endemic areas.   

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