Cancer cell

Voices from the Lab:<br>Nizar El-Murr on Immuno-Oncology

Q2 2021 Results

Sanofi’s financial results are now available


Updates on our COVID-19 Vaccines

Sanofi and GSK announced on May 27 the start of a phase 3 clinical trial for their COVID-19 recombinant vaccine candidate 

Q4 Results

The Upshot Series

Everything you Need to Know about Vaccines

2020 integrated report

Sanofi’s Rare Humanitarian Program Turns 30

“Our purpose is clear–to help ensure that people living with rare diseases around the world have the ability to access the treatments they need” -Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer

Diversity at Sanofi

Join us!

You will join a diverse mix of people, who genuinely believe in our mission to help people around the world live healthier lives

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    Sanofi: Availability of the Q3 2021 Memorandum for modelling purposes