A woman suffering of a Rare Blood Disorder
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Rare Blood Disorders Need More Attention


Portrait of Folake Odediran


Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Rare Disease Day - Make Your #Pledge4Rare

Insider Stories

A Look Inside Influenza Vaccines: Today And Tomorrow

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Understanding Influenza

Striving to Protect Human Health: The Quest for a Universal Flu Vaccine


Talkinghearts campaign

The Journey to Develop a Pill for Sleeping Sickness

Abstract image of a woman's face

Breakthrough on Sleeping Sickness

We will donate our breakthrough treatment for sleeping sickness to eliminate the disease

A young boy receiving dengue vaccine

Dengvaxia® vaccine approved for prevention of dengue in Europe

The European Commission has granted marketing authorization for Dengvaxia®, Sanofi’s dengue vaccine
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