Strengthening Partnerships in China's Innovative Ecosystem

Our Mission

Leverage the fast-changing innovative ecosystem in China to build stronger partnership with academia, industry, and associations to accelerate the development of innovative medicines for tomorrow.

Our Goals


Explore China ecosystem to identify ideas, opportunities, and potential partners to bring innovative treatment options for unmet medical needs.


Develop and strengthen our network with academic partners, industrial peers and biotech’s, and associations to enhance Sanofi’s image and nurture local talents.


Leverage the positive ecosystem trend through strategic partnerships and Sanofi’s outstanding R&D capability including newly established SIBR to enrich our R&D pipelines.

Our Initiatives

We are committed to building value-generating partnerships in China through strategic partnerships, the establishment of sponsored research agreements, and other partnering models to accelerate stronger R&D presence in China.

Strategic Partnerships

SRI works together with the China ecosystem to build strategic partnerships and accelerate innovation in R&D. 

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Sanofi’s long-term partnerships with top-ranking institutions within CAS began in 2008, to promote innovation and accelerate the translation of research results into medical solutions.

The joint Sanofi-CAS scholarship program awards Outstanding Young Scientists. Two awardees were elected as prestigious members of CAS in 2021, while many others play leading roles at top-notch research and discovery programs.

Sanofi and the Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science also set up an Outstanding Paper Award to promote “Cell Research,” a renowned international journal in basic research and discovery.

Future Forum & Science Prize Week

Since 2015, Future Forum has been actively promoting industry-academia partnerships and improving public understanding of science and technology. Sanofi is partnering on the annual Future Forum & Future Science Prize Week, Symposium and Ceremony since 2018.

During these events, scientists from across the world share cutting-edge scientific developments, and explore inter-disciplinary and innovative academic insights. Future Forum is the only high-end, multi-disciplinary international scientific conference held in China to recognize scientific breakthrough and innovation in the greater China region.

Clinical Development: Clinical Pipelines and Platforms for External Partnerships in China

Our mission for clinical development is “together, we transform the miracles of science into life-changing medicines for patients”.

Our current clinical development focus is mainly on four therapeutic areas: Immunology/Chronic Inflammation, Oncology, Rare Disease/Rare Blood Disorder, and Neurology. Besides looking for external innovations as Sanofi’s partners, our pipelines at clinical stage are also good targets for local biotech companies to collaborate with for clinical studies and development projects targeting unmet medical needs in China.

At the lab, Jinsheng Liu and Muxin Yu performing identification tests, Beijing, China
At the lab, Jinsheng Liu and Muxin Yu performing identification tests, Beijing, China

Sanofi Institute for Biomedical Research (SIBR)

SIBR focuses on disease biology, target identification, drug discovery and development in oncology, immunology, and inflammation related disease areas. Our team engages with academic and industry partners across the drug discovery and development value chain to help partners quickly advance novel discoveries into transformative medicines for patients.

SIBR Goals

•  Understand disease biology
•  Identify novel therapeutic targets
•  Technology innovations
•  Drug the undruggables
•  Forward and reverse translation
•  Empower talent

Strategic Partnerships

In February 2022, SIBR and Xiamen University School of Life Sciences started a partnership to gain deep insights into mechanisms underlying tumor immunology and autoimmune diseases.

We Are Looking for Academic and Industry Partners in the Following Areas


Study disease biology to identify novel therapeutic targets.

Our Team

Xie Yao

Xie Yao

Head of Strategic Initiatives and Scientific Relations

Changchun Xiao

Changchun Xiao

China Research Head (SIBR)

James Huang

James Huang

Head of Clinical Development China