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MAY 17, 2018

Data Privacy and Healthcare – it’s Everyone’s Concern


General Meeting 2018

General Meeting 2018

The General Meeting was held on May 2, 2018
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Sanofi joins Women's Forum in Toronto

Sanofi is delighted to be in Toronto for the Women’s Forum Canada on May 10-11
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MALARIA: Children at the heart of prevention strategy

Malaria is the deadliest parasitic disease on the planet, occurring mainly in Africa
Hand drawing Do you know if you’ve been vaccinated for meningococcal disease

Insider Stories

Students Take a Stand against Meningitis

What is meningitis?

Sanofi Pasteur commitment


Portrait of Heather Bell

VivaTech: our startup challenges

Heather Bell, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Digital & Analytics, Sanofi
Instagram account of Sanofi

Sanofi launches Instagram!

Follow us and be part of the story @sanofi
Vaccines – Update on Dengvaxia

Vaccines - Update on Dengvaxia

Sanofi Pasteur communication on SAGE recommendation about Dengvaxia® dengue vaccine
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Innovation in our DNA

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