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JUNE 11, 2018

Making the Flu Vaccine: a Race Against the Clock


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#Bringing us closer

We Talk to Multiple Sclerosis Researcher, Evis Havari, to learn more about what Sanofi is doing to maintain its commitment to discovering new therapeutic options
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Breaking the Constipation Taboo

On World Digestive Health Day, we want to raise awareness of the high incidence of constipation, break the misconceptions and abolish the taboos around the condition
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First VivaTech, now Biotech!

Sanofi takes part in the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention in Boston, United States
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Insider Stories

Is Technology the Answer to a Good Night’s Sleep?

InsomniSolv Startup CEO Peter Kelly, at VivaTech 2018


Photo about the best of VivaTech conference in 2018

Best of Sanofi at VivaTech 2018

Watch the video to discover the highlights
A lot of people in the exhibition hall of VivaTech conference in 2018

Sanofi Does VivaTech

Find out how Sanofi is driving forward the future with innovative digital technology
Vaccines – Update on Dengvaxia

Vaccines - Update on Dengvaxia

Sanofi Pasteur communication on the New England Journal of Medicine article “Impact of Dengue Serostatus on Dengue Vaccine Safety and Efficacy”
Instagram account of Sanofi

Sanofi launches Instagram!

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