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APRIL 24, 2018

# Protected together


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First Quarter Results 2018

First Quarter results 2018 will be reviewed on April, 27, 2018
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Taking control of your allergies

As part of World Allergy Week, we focus on allergic rhinitis that affects between 10-30% of the global population
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Cholesterol, a daily struggle against an invisible disease

Uncontrolled bad cholesterol levels are a key and modifiable contributing cause of cardiovascular risk
Hand drawing Do you know if you’ve been vaccinated for meningococcal disease

Insider Stories

Students Take a Stand against Meningitis

What is meningitis?

Sanofi Pasteur commitment


Video Ameeth Nathwani

The importance of partnering for innovation

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Sanofi launches Instagram!

Follow us and be part of the story @sanofi
Vaccines – Update on Dengvaxia

Vaccines - Update on Dengvaxia

Sanofi Pasteur communication on SAGE recommendation about Dengvaxia® dengue vaccine
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VivaTech 2018: Startups Selected

The countdown is fast approaching and we have chosen our finalists