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Science & Innovation
MAY 24, 2018

Sanofi joins Africa’s digital healthcare revolution


Portrait of  Bozidar Jovicevic

VivaTech : Our startup challenges

Bozidar Jovicevic, Global Head Digital Medicines
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VivaTech: Hear from our Experts

Podcast: Isabelle Vitali on eHealth at Sanofi in France
Hand drawing Do you know if you’ve been vaccinated for meningococcal disease

Insider Stories

Students Take a Stand against Meningitis

What is meningitis?

Sanofi Pasteur commitment


Portrait of Bénédicte Denieul

Bénédicte Denieul on Open Innovation and VivaTech

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Data Privacy and Healthcare – it’s Everyone’s Concern

Data privacy is an enormous issue in a world, and at Sanofi, that means keeping a close eye on how such personal data is collected and handled.
Vaccines – Update on Dengvaxia

Vaccines - Update on Dengvaxia

Sanofi Pasteur communication on SAGE recommendation about Dengvaxia® dengue vaccine
Instagram account of Sanofi

Sanofi launches Instagram!

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