Photo: Lucille Pernot, Sanofi’s R&D platform, Vitry-sur-Seine, France 

At Sanofi, we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives.

Scientific discoveries don’t happen overnight or without hard work. But our determination to find answers for patients motivates us to develop breakthrough medicines and vaccines. And to never settle.

From our beginning as a local French entreprise to our position as a leading global healthcare company, reinvention is in our DNA and reflects our quest to make life better for patients, partners, communities, and our own people.

Today, we are one company, driven by a unifying purpose and a common ambition. We believe our cutting-edge science and manufacturing, fueled by data and digital technologies, have the potential to transform the practice of medicine, turning the impossible into possible for millions of people around the world.

Progress brings us together and drives us to grow, to learn, and to collectively push our limits.

By chasing the miracles of science to improve people’s live, we surprise ourselves with what we can achieve. And when we discover the extraordinary, we’re already planning where to go next.

United by Purpose

A cast of Sanofians tell the story behind our new purpose and ambition; with each one of us playing a unique role to make that purpose a reality.


Sanofi Soundbites

Meet some of our people who share what the miracles of science mean in their own lives.
  • Episode 8: Meet Bruno Gagliardo

    Adapting to different patterns and behavior is how data analyst Bruno Gagliardo finds solutions to problems, at work and in the boxing ring. “It’s fine to say I don’t know, to put your ego aside. We don’t have the answers on our own. Together we’re stronger and smarter.”

  • Episode 9: Meet Helene Deweerdt

    After 33 years at Sanofi, industrial site director Helene Deweerdt knows that only when she stops learning will she be ready to move on. “Patients are waiting for us. That’s why we do what we do. I believe in the power of our people to solve issues.”

  • Episode 1: Meet Hélène Bonnet

    When Hélène Bonnet, CSR Project Manager, was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47, it changed her approach to life, in the lab and at home. “I entered a new world, the world of patients. It made me realize that life itself is a miracle.”

  • Episode 2: Meet Paul Rowe

    Medical lead Paul Rowe trained to be a surgeon, but realized he could help more people in the world if he pursued a career in industry. “The idea that I'm helping not just patients in my community, but around the world is really what appealed to me and is what drives me to this day.” 

  • Episode 3: Meet Nizar El-Murr

    Scientist Nizar El-Murr, has been passionate about science since he was a child. For him, it’s all about the chase to find solutions. “If you don’t have imagination, science is not for you. You need to be able to dream. To live longer, that’s the miracle.”

  • Episode 4: Meet Vicky DiBiaso

    Clinical trials lead Vicky DiBiaso knows more than most the importance of never giving up in the search for a miraculous discovery. Her husband, Peter, was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s disease at 49. “It makes us want to do more, because we understand what it takes to be part of the cure. Without the research we won’t have miracles.”

  • Episode 5: Meet Al Hassan Casse

    On top of his day job, scientist Al Hassan Casse works with a charity to ensure good healthcare is not just for the few. “In developed countries, people benefit from very high-quality treatment, and it’s not the case in developing countries.” 

  • Episode 6: Meet Marie Debans

    After a ski accident at 25, project manager Marie Debans, sees accessibility as key to a rich work environment. “I’m not able to make miracles myself, but I can shape the environment to enable it to happen."

  • Episode 7: Meet Barbara Lacassagne

    Vaccines communicator Barbara Lacassagne spent her son’s first birthday with him in hospital, terrified she would lose him. “Then there was no vaccine for what he had. Science changes lives. That’s the miracle.”

Our New Identity

New Look, New Focus, New Sanofi

Why has our look changed? Because we have changed. Watch our short film to see how.