Sanofi’s Commitment to Better Health For All

In 2008, Sanofi opened a brand-new Central Anti-Counterfeiting Laboratory in the city of Tours, France, which has become a key tool in the fight against fake medicines. We use the most highly advanced technologies to analyze suspect samples that reach us from all over the world. 39,000 suspect products have been recorded in ten years and the lab has doubled in size since the day it was created.

Mapping criminal counterfeit networks

Over 2,100 suspect products analyzed in 2018
Over 39,000 suspect products recorded in 10 years

A high-tech unit to combat fake medicines

Sanofi also has a central coordination facility in Paris with experts in pharmacovigilance, regulatory, industrial, medical and legal affairs, security and communication plus representatives from the company’s entities (human health and vaccines). Its role is to identify and document when counterfeiting occurs.  It works closely with law-enforcement authorities and makes it possible to identify and take down networks. The same structure is also in place for regions and countries so that they can act locally.

We also pay attention to:

  • Prevention with the physical protection of our drug boxes and packets
  • Strengthening the legislative aspect with, for instance, the promotion of the ‘MEDICRIME Convention’, the only binding international instrument in the criminal law field on counterfeiting or the signing of agreement protocols with customs authorities
  • Focusing on training and providing information for the public and healthcare professionals

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