Being a shareholder

Managing your Sanofi shares

As a Sanofi shareholder, you own a share in our capital, providing us with the resources we need in order to grow. By investing in our future, you are giving us a vote of confidence.
Confidence is the cornerstone of the special relationship between us and our shareholders. We are committed to retaining and building your confidence by involving you in our development and giving you a share of our profits.

Buying shares

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How to hold Sanofi shares

Sanofi ordinary shares can be held as:

  • bearer shares: deposited with your financial intermediary,
  • administered registered shares: deposited with your financial intermediary and recorded in the books of Sanofi,
  • fully registered shares: deposited with and administered by BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S), appointed by Sanofi
Fully registered Administered registered Bearer
Buy or sell Sanofi shares With BP2S With your financial intermediary
Hold shares in a single securities account Impossible Possible
Custody and administration fees Free According to your financial intermediary
Brokerage fee and bank commission Preferential rates According to your financial intermediary
Invitation to general meetings Automatic sending by BP2S You must contact your financial intermediary
Voting rights Double voting rights once you have held your shares for at least two years One vote for each share held
Dividend Paid by BP2S Paid by your financial intermediary
Tax reporting form Sent by BP2S for your Sanofi shares only Sent by your financial intermediary for all your shares
Registered shares
Registered shares
Learn more about the benefits you may enjoy as a registered shareholder and how to manage your shares