On the Front Lines of Health

Published on: October 16, 2023


Jorge Fragoso is a shining example of Sanofi's commitment to community wellbeing, blending his professional role with personal dedication to serving his community. As an ERG+ leader and an ardent supporter of Sanofi’s We Volunteer program, Jorge's recent work with MediTec, an event organized by the students at the Medical and Sciences School at Tecnologico de Monterrey, amplifies his unwavering commitment to fostering a healthy, happy society. Here’s his story.

How do you view volunteering, Jorge?

Volunteering isn’t just an activity; it's a privilege and a responsibility. It's about acknowledging the immense support we receive from our communities and reciprocating with equal warmth and commitment. It's a promise to do right by our people.

You participated in some volunteer activities during MediTec. Can you shed some light on your role? 
Absolutely! At MediTec, I was tasked with an essential responsibility: ensuring our attendees felt welcomed from the moment they stepped in. I orchestrated the assembly and distribution of welcome packages, ensuring that each participant received their sponsor gift promptly. The result was a seamless welcome, where attendees weren’t just directed efficiently to their stands, but greeted with tokens of our appreciation.

Volunteering isn’t just an activity; it's a privilege and a responsibility.
Jorge Fragoso

Jorge Fragoso

Global Field Based Medical Excellence Lead, Mexico

What are you most proud of?

The sense of being a part of a larger community that promotes health and wellbeing. Every smile, every word of appreciation, and every successful interaction was a testament to the difference we were making. The simple realization that my efforts directly or indirectly influenced people’s wellbeing fills my heart with pride.

For those still on the fence about volunteering, any words of wisdom?

We often forget the privileges we enjoy—be it clean water, shelter, education, or even our vibrant work environment at Sanofi. While we navigate through these privileges seamlessly, millions struggle without them. It's essential to remember that in our positions, we have an opportunity to extend a helping hand. So, I'd urge everyone to leverage this. Embrace the responsibility, and let's collectively uplift our communities, our people, and our world.

Jorge Fragoso's story underscores the pivotal role each individual plays in a collective effort towards a better, healthier society. His dedication serves as a beacon for many more to follow.

About MediTec

MediTec is a two-day event held by the students of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Tecnológico de Monterrey. It focuses on providing medical, nutritional, and psychological advice to the general public. The event targets communities in need and is free for patients, many of whom do not have medical insurance.


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