The Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Employees

Published on: June 28, 2023


Amelia throughout her transition; pictures taken every 6 months
Amelia throughout her transition; pictures taken every 6 months
At Sanofi, we celebrate those who are #LivingOutLoud, because they show all of us how to bring the best of our whole selves. One of those people is Amelia Conway.

Unleashing the best of our whole selves

Amelia realized she was transgender when she was 23 and already a Sanofi employee. The prospect of talking to colleagues about the changes she was undergoing was frightening but, she says, “I found a lot of support among my team members and friends at the site. They even helped me with my legal name change!”.

Did you know?

The bottom line for Amelia? Support from her colleagues is business critical – but more importantly, it’s critical to her sense of self.

“As a project manager, I often need to represent a variety of different stakeholders. I try to ensure that the ‘voice of the customer’ is never lost,” Amelia says, adding that a diverse and inclusive workplace is what makes this possible.

“The reality is that each of us has blind spots, but by creating an inclusive project team, we can cover for each other. The idea is to create a space where everyone feels welcome to share their ideas, concepts, and contributions.”

Inclusivity makes progress possible

Sanofi has been recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation as a “Best Place to Work” for LGBTQ+ employees – something we are incredibly proud of.

An important part of how we foster this inclusivity is through our employee resource groups, which work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the company and beyond by raising awareness, sharing best practices, and fostering community.

The Global Pride+ Employee Resource Group engages with leadership across the company on issues of diversity and inclusion through “Ask Me Anything” sessions, corporate partnerships with companies like myGwork, and the advancement of LGBTQ+ supporting policies like our 14-week, gender-neutral paid parental leave.

An inclusive workplace is one that allows its employees to thrive, and to bring their best selves to work. An inclusive workplace should foster kindness and understanding and openness. Above all, it’s an environment where everyone is open to learning more.
Amelia Conway

Amelia Conway

Associate Manager at Sanofi’s Enterprise Center of Excellence

Beyond the workplace, our Procurement team is creating a more inclusive, equitable business landscape. In the past two years alone, we’ve secured high-value contracts with many LGBTQ+ classified suppliers in North America and South America, breaking down barriers and unlocking business value.

What’s next?

Amelia has recently accepted a new position as an Associate Manager at Sanofi’s Enterprise Center of Excellence, an opportunity she says was made possible by this culture of inclusivity.

“It happened because of the power of our employee resource groups, and because I felt that it was ok for me to be openly trans at work.”

Being yourself should never stop you from doing what you love, or from loving what you do. That passion fuels the kind of innovation we need to transform the practice of medicine, and improve the lives of people everywhere.


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