Cancer Under Siege

Published on: June 2, 2022
An artist’s interpretation of an immune cell attacking a cancer cell. Illustration: Microverse
Cancer is too great a challenge to tackle alone. With new partnerships and new technologies spurring rapid innovation, we’re charging ahead to change lives and restore hope for people living with cancer.
I have never been more excited about the potential of emerging therapeutic agents in oncology. Through the marriage of ground-breaking science, AI, and novel technologies, we aspire to unlock cancer biology that has until now seemed out of reach and bring in a new wave of immunotherapies for areas of high unmet need.

Valeria Fantin

Head of Oncology Research

NANOBODY® technology

If we string together tiny antibody fragments, could we make medicines that have never been thought of before?

Antibody-Drug Conjugates

What if an antibody could deliver a small amount of medicine straight to tumor cells – could flooding the body with anti-cancer drugs become a thing of the past? 

SYNTHORIN™ Technology

What if we expand the genetic alphabet – could we access biology in ways that we once thought impossible?

Natural Killer Cell Therapies

What if natural killer cells could be turned into medicines for people with cancer? 

Our incredibly talented, creative scientists are motivated to have a meaningful impact on the lives of people with cancer. Leveraging a expansive toolbox that spans small molecules, peptides, proteins, cells, and genes, we’re determined to develop medicines that are smarter, safer, and more effective than ever before.

Matt Truppo

Global Head of Research Platforms

Our oncology ambition

With new ideas spurring innovation, we’re charging ahead to help change lives and restore hope to people living with cancer

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