Raise Your Voice: Our Annual DE&I Report

Published on: May 13, 2024


We launched first-of-their kind programs. We were lauded not only for the courage of our ambitions but for the speed and breadth of our achievements, winning DE&I Team of the Year at the European Diversity Awards (EDA), among many others. We worked hard, and it made a difference. We have continued to build in, and not just bolt on, all the work we do in this space.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) don’t just happen on their own. They’re a dream we have to fight for, whether it’s in medicine, in education, or in business. They’re an action we take. We’re taking that action to make our company better so that the world we live and work in can be better, too. Because we want to see the ripple effects in society.

The work of DE&I gives us firm ground on which we run to chase the miracles of science. To remove every obstacle, so that the right choice becomes the most obvious choice. Because we know that inclusive workplaces drive greater creativity and innovative thinking. Because people can speak up, share ideas, and give feedback so we can make decisions without fear.

Our capacity to do good is nothing short of colossal. With 86,000 Sanofians in 70 countries–and starting A Million Conversations in five countries–we touch a lot of people’s lives. Not just employees and patients, but healthcare workers, suppliers, their families, the communities they live in. Our DE&I programs are turning that capacity into accomplishment.

But We Know Our Work Is Not Done.

In this accessible report you’ll see just a few of the ways we raised our voices and went All In for DE&I in 2023. Please join us in recognizing the many people who continue to play a part in building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world, in and beyond the workplace.


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