Employees do More to Protect the Planet

Published on: September 13, 2022
Meet the Tribe, a 2,500-strong employee network whose energy and creativity are driving new ways to make Sanofi’s sites and activities environmentally sustainable. Launched in 2020, the network of green ambassadors is made up of employees from all aspects of the business across 77 countries. We dedicate €3 Million every year, turning their ideas into actions that help reduce our environmental footprint.

“The Planet Care Challenge is a great opportunity to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of our own people when it comes to reducing our environmental footprint. Each year, Sanofi pledges €3 million to turn employee-generated ideas into real solutions that help strengthen our commitment to caring for our planet. From climate change to waste management, water stewardship, biodiversity and more, the initiatives born out of the Planet Care Challenge have already made a big impact on how we interact with our environment, and I’m excited to see what the next group of Challenge winners has in store,” said Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer.

The Sanofi Environment Fund threw down the gauntlet for the intrapreneurial community to brainstorm ideas, from small, every-day habits to local initiatives, and ambitious global goals.

Our 2022 employee initiatives

17 of the most promising environmental projects from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, and Vietnam received financing to help us deepen our commitment to society and care for the planet. From working with suppliers to change paper policies, to transforming 30km² of unused green space into the very first Sanofi Planet Care Center, our 2022 projects are tackling important issues and helping us get to a cleaner future, faster.


Design sustainable eco-gardens to enhance biodiversity, and foster nature-based solutions to maintain green spaces on our sites

Climate change

Develop alternative transportation and carpooling options for sustainable commuting. Improve data collection to identify where to reduce our energy consumption

Waste management

Reduce paper usage and work towards creating paperless ways of working

Water stewardship

Harvest and recycle rainwater to reuse at our sites

Our 2021 employee initiatives

Of the 161 novel ideas pitched to reduce Sanofi’s environmental footprint, three teams from France, Belgium and Italy, Vietnam, and Ireland are seeing their projects financed and implemented on Sanofi’s sites with the objective of replicating these pilot projects worldwide.