Employee Resource Groups

Over 50 local employee groups are working to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) so we can make the most of what everyone has to offer. 
Sanofi DE&I leaders convene at La Maison Sanofi in Paris, December 2022
Sanofi DE&I leaders convene at La Maison Sanofi in Paris, December 2022
Having a shared understanding of what’s most important to all improves our collective capacity to do our best for patients and communities. That’s why I’m ‘all in’ with DE&I.”
Folake Odediran

Folake Odediran

Country Lead for Nigeria-Ghana, culture and origins+ ERG lead

Pedro Pittella, People Director, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pedro Pittella, People Director, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our framework for employee engagement 

Our Global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) turn local insights into action for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Global ERGs include Gender+, Generations+, Pride+, Ability+, and Culture and Origins+.  

Each has a leader to help countries share ideas and best practices, and an Executive Committee member to sponsor them at the highest level. Our thriving ERG movement is helping us meet our DE&I goals. 

The value of ERG at Sanofi

What are we working on? 

We invest in training and awareness and actively foster allyship. Our Global Allyship Guide and ERG strategy help ensure all of us can bring our best selves to work and thrive. 

Our Global Employee Resource Groups

Driving gender equity through recruitment, development, engagement, and visibility

Executive sponsor: Jean-Baptiste De Chatillon - Lead: Sandra Aramburo

Supporting and developing our people at every career stage

Executive sponsor: Arnaud Robert - Lead: Pedro Pittella

Building and promoting inclusive, positive workplaces and healthcare for everyone

Executive sponsor: Julie Van Ongevalle Lead: Jake Prodoehl

Accelerating all disability inclusion through accessibility, neurodiversity, and mental wellbeing

Executive sponsor: Brendan O'Callaghan - Lead: Andria Cox

Celebrating our humanity and unique cultures and tackling issues that affect equity, experience, and health disparities

Executive sponsor: Bill Sibold - Lead: Folake Odediran

As we learn, we advance. There will always be room for our ERGs to evolve and grow.

Our DE&I ecosystem at a glance

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