Responsible Business Values

Our company is active in healthcare systems around the world. That’s why our senior leadership is accountable for ensuring we respect the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and conduct our business in a responsible, sustainable way.  

Our Code of Conduct 

To chase the miracles of science, we need a strong moral compass. A bold and noble purpose like ours requires a culture that drives and is driven by ethics and business integrity. It means all of us bring our best ethical selves to work so that we make the right decisions for the people we serve.

Ethics and Business integrity 

Sanofi operates in more than 100 countries around the world and is committed to respect the highest standards of ethics and integrity in its business conduct. Embedding ethical values into our day-to-day activities is essential to preserve the trust of patients and communities, to safeguard our image and reputation and to protect Sanofi employees. To sustain our commitment, we have implemented a robust governance. We have established and enforced clear rules in accordance with the legal framework in each country where we operate. A rigorous internal control framework is also implemented to prevent violations of internal rules.

Human Rights 

We employ more than 91,000 people in many countries and work with a large number of suppliers and subcontractors. This gives us a duty to respect the human rights of workers both in our own operations and in our supply chain.  

Patient safety always comes first 

We do everything we can to guarantee quality at each phase of a product’s life cycle. 

Promotional Practices

We constantly assess product quality and provide up-to-date information to healthcare professionals and patients.

Quality Management

We continually monitor and improve quality– systems, risk management, performance, and culture– globally and locally.


We collect data about all our products and collaborate with authorities all over the world to monitor their safety.

Medical Ethics and Bioethics 

Our Bioethics Committee, chaired by our Chief Medical Officer, ensures we make progress through responsible practices in research and clinical development. It reviews bioethical standards and working practices in R&D for consistency and transparency, and determines relevant policy positions.

Sustainable Procurement 

Our centralized Procurement team acts on behalf of all Sanofi entities, following a policy based on economic, ethical, environmental, and social principles. We’re an active member of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative, which aims to improve supplier practices through common standards, support, training, and audits. This helps us deliver on our commitments to society. 

Our transparency commitments

Interactions with HCPs

We disclose our interactions with HCPs and organizations, and medical and scientific associations, in 40 countries.

Scientific Exchange

We publish our findings in scientific and medical journals, and endorse the Principles of Responsible Sharing of Clinical Trial Data set by EFPIA and PhRMA.

Clinical studies and results

We make all ongoing clinical study protocols available, and publish our study results, both positive and negative

Animals in research and testing 

Our Integrated Research and Testing Strategy reflects our belief that the responsible use of animals in research and testing is essential and extends beyond regulatory requirements. Since 2013, we have reduced our use of animals in research and production by 45%.

Our policy documents and other relevant factsheets

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