Sanofi Global Health improves lives of underserved populations through innovative inclusive healthcare access models and partnerships that deliver sustainable impact.

Sanofi Global Health (GHU) is designed to improve access to care in 40 of the lowest income countries through a unique self-sustained non-profit model.

“Sanofi Global Health aims to improve the lives of millions of people who now cannot get the help they need. The launch of the Impact® brand and our Impact Fund are our latest steps to make our medicines available and to help bring quality, sustainable healthcare to people in the world’s poorest countries. But we know that we cannot do this alone, and so we are building partnerships at global, regional and local levels that will help to improve and establish health systems to reach our goal of a healthier, more resilient world.”

Jon FairestHead, Global Health Unit, Sanofi

What are the objectives of Sanofi Global Health?

​By taking a holistic approach to care through impactful partnerships that act as a catalyst, Sanofi Global Health aims to sell quality medicines at affordable prices while strengthening healthcare systems and supporting patients. 

Sanofi Global Health aims at providing comprehensive support to ministries of health and NGOs in the transition to Universal Health Coverage for NCDs, while scaling up inclusive businesses through an Impact fund.

What makes Sanofi Global Health Unique ?

non-profit model

•  Cardio Metabolic
•  Oncology
•  Infectious

Dedicated IMPACT brand
at access prices

of the world's
poorest countries

Holistic approach
to care down to
health delivery

approach to reach
all patients

The Path to Health

Recently announced

Impact® Brand 

The Impact® brand, which includes insulin, irbesartan and oxaliplatin amongst others, will enable the secure distribution of 30 Sanofi medicines to GHU-supported countries the 40 countries. Considered essential by the World Health Organization, the medicines cover a wide range of therapeutic areas, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Impact® Investment Fund

The Impact fund will support startup companies and other innovators that can deliver scalable solutions for sustainable healthcare in underserved regions. By providing inclusive businesses financing and technical assistance, the fund will complement the GHU mission of leveraging global, regional and local investment to support ministries of health and NGOs in their transition to Universal Health Coverage.

Sanofi Global Health Launch Event