We have around 100,000 (exact figure in 2021 is 95,442) employees with over 142 nationalities between us, but diversity on its own is not enough. That’s why we work constantly to ensure our workplace is also inclusive, where everyone can be their true selves, comfortable to speak up and brave enough to speak out. Building such an environment also directly influences and impacts how we engage with patients and customers, as well as with the communities where we work.

Our new ambitions

We have already made strong progress on our ambition to be a gender-balanced organization, but we need to do more to make an impact in the world through who we are, what we do, and the way we do it. And we know that the only way forward is for everyone to be truly represented and included.

"Our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy is about impact. Impact on our workforce, our workplace, and our marketplace to make the most of our collective differences, all together."

Raj Verma, Chief Diversity, Culture and Employee Experience Officer

Building Representative Leadership...

…to reflect the vibrant diversity of the communities we serve to fully connect with our patient and customer needs

Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment…

… where our people can thrive, be themselves and fulfil their potential

Engaging with diverse communities…

… to better understand patient needs in clinical trials, drive supplier diversity, and involve local leadership teams in community projects

All in

Find out more what diversity, equity and inclusion mean for our company and our people

Our people are talking

Hear from our people on issues regarding LGBTQIA+, gender and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Awards and Recognition

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives are the result of the dedication of our employees and the inclusive workplace they foster. Being recognized for our efforts means we’re making a difference.

Stronger together

Key partnerships allow us to align with a coalition of companies who support communities across the world.