Sanofi iDEA-TECH Awards North America

What Is It?

Sanofi is committed to collaborating with partners to advance cutting-edge discoveries. The Sanofi Innovations in Data Exploration and Analytics (iDEA) Awards program, launched in 2018, provides seed funding to innovators at research centers and early start-ups across North America to transform breakthrough digital, data science tools and new technologies into solutions that accelerate the R&D pipeline and improve people’s lives. In 2022, the iDEA awards (NA) and iTECH awards (Europe) merged into the Sanofi global iDEA-TECH awards.

Sanofi iDEA-TECH Awards 2023

Recent award recipients share how winning this award and collaborating with Sanofi researchers has impacted their work.

About the Program

  • Seed funding of $150.000 USD
  • 1 year project duration
  • Dedicated Sanofi Project Champion and resources (subject matter experts)
  • A stepping stone to further collaboration

Call for Projects

Sanofi’s iDEA-TECH 2023 call for projects is closed. The next call for projects is scheduled for November 2024.

Our Selection Process

A fast process to select and start projects in less than 8 months

Main stepsDue date
Call for Pre-Proposals
November 7, 2023
Deadline for Pre-Proposals submission
December 15, 2023
Call for detailed proposals
January 31, 2024
Deadline for Detailed Proposals submission
March 13, 2024
Steering Committee Meeting
May 15, 2024
Awardees notified
May 30, 2024
Start of projects
October 2024

Examples of Partnering Opportunities

Predict patient outcomes

Predict & track disease progression & drug effects

Maximize drug value in the real world

Optimize clinical trial design

Drug target enabling platforms

Biomarker Identification

Test new digital/AI solutions

High throughput screening approaches

Analytic tools to understand drug mechanism or product quality


“The iDEA-TECH Awards initiative is providing a unique opportunity to work as a team to study itch in kids with atopic dermatitis in the comfort of their homes by incorporating our Emerald AI technology. It has been exciting to work so closely with the Sanofi team around a shared commitment to breaking new grounds for this important population.”

Dina Katabi, PhD, Thuan and Nicole Pham Professor, MIT President and co-Founder, Emerald Innovations, Inc. 

iDEA-TECH Recipients for the 2023-2024 Cycle

Marinka Zitnik, PhD

Harvard University

Fei Wang, PhD

Weill Cornell Medicine

Nam Chu, PhD

The Ohio State University

Joshua Leonard, PhD

Northwestern University

Jason Meyer, PhD

Trustees of Indiana University

Ruijiang Li, PhD


Jianmin Gao, PhD

Boston College

Anna Jagielska, PhD

Artificial Axon Labs Inc.

Tali Konry, PhD

Northeastern University

Olivier Elemento, PhD

Weill Cornell Medicine

Possu Huang, PhD


Phillip Kim, PhD

Fable Therapeutics

Joint Publications

Disease progression strikingly differs in research and real-world Parkinson's populations

Harvard Medical School, Brett Beaulieu-Jones and Isaac Kohane, 2024

Learning the Language of Antibody Hypervariability

MIT, Bonnie Berger, 2023

A Critical Review of Methods for Real-World Applications to Generalize or Transport Clinical Trial Findings to Target Populations of Interest

Stanford, Manisha Desai, 2023

Characterizing Real-World Safety Profile of Oral Janus Kinase Inhibitors Among Adult Atopic Dermatitis Patients: Evidence Transporting From the Rheumatoid Arthritis Population

Stanford, Manisha Desai, 2022

Transporting Observational Study Results To a Target Population of Interest Using Inverse Odds of Participation Weighting

Stanford, Manisha Desai, 2022

Accelerating Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease Through Risk Prediction

Harvard, Scott Lipnick, 2021

Calibration and Uncertainty in Neural Time-to-Event Modeling

Duke, Ben Goldstein, 2020

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