Sanofi iDEA-iTECH Awards North America

What is it?

Sanofi is committed to collaborating with partners to advance cutting-edge discoveries. The Sanofi Innovations in Data Exploration and Analytics (iDEA) Awards program, launched in 2018, provides seed funding to innovators at research centers and early start-ups across North America to transform breakthrough digital, data science tools and new technologies into solutions that accelerate the R&D pipeline and improve people’s lives. In 2022, the iDEA awards and iTECH awards (Europe) merged into the Sanofi iDEA-iTECH awards.

Sanofi iDEA-iTECH Awards 2023

Recent award recipients share how winning this award and collaborating with Sanofi researchers has impacted their work.

About the program

  • Seed funding of $150.000 USD
  • Dedicated Sanofi Project Champion and resources (subject matter experts)
  • A steppingstone to further collaboration

Our selection process

A fast process to select and start projects in less than 8 months

Week 0

Call launch

Examples of Partnering Opportunities

Design & rank FIC/BIC drug candidates & combinations for efficacy and safety

Predict patient outcomes

Predict & track disease progression & drug effects

Maximize drug value in the real world

Optimize clinical trial design

Dina KatabiDina Katabi

“The iDEA-iTECH Awards initiative is providing a unique opportunity to work as a team to study itch in kids with atopic dermatitis in the comfort of their homes by incorporating our Emerald AI technology. It has been exciting to work so closely with the Sanofi team around a shared commitment to breaking new grounds for this important population.”


Dina Katabi, PhD Thuan and Nicole Pham Professor, MIT President and co-Founder, Emerald Innovations, Inc. 

Issac KohaneIssac Kohane

“It’s rewarding to see how our industrial collaborators understand the scientific leverage obtained through careful use of real-world data  and analytic techniques matched to the strengths and limitations of these data. I’m excited to see how our younger researchers are working with these collaborators to bring a more nuanced and personalized approach to understanding neurodegenerative and immune-driven diseases.”

Issac Kohane, Marion V. Nelson Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School

Manisha DesaiManisha Desai

"It has been wonderful to collaborate closely with Sanofi to jointly solve the methodological issues my team and I proposed in our iDEAD award. We are focused on translating trial findings to real-world target populations. As data scientists, we typically choose sound and efficient tools to accomplish such goals. However, the practical implications that arise from application of methods - particularly when applied to real-world data sources - make this challenging. Our diverse team of academic data scientists and Sanofi scientists has enabled us to approach these problems in such a way that better position our methods to being adoptable and translatable."

Manisha Desai, Professor of Medicine and of Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University

Eric Genevois-MarlinEric Genevois-Marlin

"The iDEA-iTECH Awards initiative not only allows us to tackle complex scientific questions to support the R&D portfolio, but also strengthens Sanofi’s academic networks with top innovators in the areas of AI, data science and new technologies and facilitates important cross-training opportunities."

Eric Genevois-Marlin, Global Head of R&D Data & Data Science (DDS)

Karen ChandrossKaren Chandross

“As the iDEA-iTECH initiative progresses, it is exciting to see our partnerships mature to where we are now applying new AI models and insights to our priority projects and using these to support decision-making.”

Karen Chandross, PhD Acting Head of Scientific Relations and Initiatives, Sanofi

iDEA-iTECH recipients for the 2022-2023 cycle

Doug Arnold and Tal Arbel

McGill University

Brett Beaulieu-Jones

Harvard Medical School

Jennifer Wilson

University of California, Los Angeles

Bonnie Berger

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Laurie Boyer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sandesh Nagamani

Baylor College of Medicine, in collaboration with the Brittle Bone Disorders consortium

Joint Publications

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