Clinical Study Results Sanofi Pharma, including Sanofi Genzyme

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Clinical study results Sanofi pharma, including Sanofi Genzyme – Letter M

Generic Name Trade Name Condition Study Code Study Name ACCESS TO STUDY / PROTOCOL Access to results
MAYTANSINOID LOADED ANTI-CD19 MAB Not marketed Lymphoma ARD10248 STARLYTE EudraCT: 2011-003657-26
MAYTANSINOID LOADED ANTI-CD19 MAB Not marketed Lymphoma EFC11603 MYRALL NCT01440179
MAYTANSINOID LOADED rel="noopener noreferrer" ANTI-CD19 MAB Not marketed Lymphoma TCD12333 NA EudraCT: 2011-002865-39
MET INHIBITOR Not marketed Lung Cancer ACT14205 NA EudraCT: 2014-005696-93
MET INHIBITOR Not marketed Cancer TCD13388 NA NCT01985191
MET INHIBITOR Not marketed Cancer TED12337 SARMETA NCT01657214
MET INHIBITOR Not marketed Cancer TED11449 SARMET NCT01391533
Modified-Release Recombinant Human Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Thyrogen Goiter MRTSH01505 NA EudraCT: 2005-004451-35
MYOSIN 7A GENE THERAPY UshStat Usher Syndrome Retinitis Pigmentosa TDU13600 NA NCT01505062

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