Clinical Study Results Sanofi Pharma, including Sanofi Genzyme

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Clinical study results Sanofi pharma, including Sanofi Genzyme – Letter O

Generic Name Trade Name Condition Study Code Study Name ACCESS TO STUDY / PROTOCOL Access to results
OLIPUDASE ALFA Not marketed Sphingomyelin Lipidosis DFI13803 ASCEND-Peds EudraCT: 2014-003198-40
OMBRABULIN Not marketed Ovarian cancer recurrent EFC10260 OPSALIN NCT01332656
OMBRABULIN Not marketed Advanced sarcoma EFC10145 NA EudraCT: 2007-003592-39
OMBRABULIN Not marketed Non-small cell lung cancer EFC10259 DISRUPT EudraCT: 2010-019384-11
OMBRABULIN Not marketed Advanced solid tumors TCD11270 NA NCT01293630
OMBRABULIN Not marketed Advanced solid tumors TCD11379 NA NCT01193595
OTAMIXABAN Not marketed Hepatic Impairment POP6207 NA NCT01126086
OTAMIXABAN Not marketed Renal Impairment POP6537 NA NCT01120314
OTAMIXABAN Not marketed Acute Coronary Syndrome EFC6204 TAO NCT01076764
OTAMIXABAN Not marketed Acute Coronary Syndrome DRI6624 SEPIA-(ACS1) NCT00317395
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Cancer, Pediatric Malignancies ARD5531 (L795) NA NA
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Biliary Tract Neoplasms C_8552 EXIBIT NCT00174564
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms C_8601 CORE NCT00174616
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Esophageal Neoplasms EFC_7127 NA NCT00259402
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Cancer, Germ Cell EFC_7154 NA NA
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Head and Neck neoplasms EFC_7276 FOL FOX 4 NCT00611754
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Neoplasms EFC_7407 NA NCT00611962
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Endometrial Neoplasms EFC_7496 NA NCT00612495
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Cancer, Colorectal Adjuvant Therapy EFC3313 MOSAIC NCT00275210
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Stomach Neoplasms L_8107 NA NCT00611507
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms L_8128 NA NCT00403624
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Uterine Neoplasms L_8311 NA NCT00782041
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms L_8330 NA NCT00259363
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms L_8479 PROCTFUL NCT00263029
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms L_8851 TREE2 NCT00399750
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Lung Neoplasms L_8907 GON NCT00271271
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Stomach Neoplasms L_8915 NA NCT00263354
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Liver Neoplasms L_9202 NA NCT00280618
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Lung Neoplasms L_9210 NA NCT00087802
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Head and Neck neoplasms L_9281 BILWEEKLY NCT00436800
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Esophageal Neoplasms L_9326 NA NCT00160030
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms L_9444 CONCEPT NCT00129870
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Stomach Neoplasms L_9570 CLASSIC NCT00411229
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Hepatocellular Carcinoma OXALI_L_00858 EACH NCT00471965
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Hepatocellular Carcinoma OXALI_L_02859 NA NCT00559455
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Rectal Neoplasms PM_L_0098 NA EudraCT: 2005-005149-20
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Pancreatic Neoplasms PM_L_0126 NA NCT00261092
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Ovarian Neoplasms PM_L_0239 TEACO NCT00296816
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Cancer, Gastrointestinal POP5347 FOLFOX4 NCT00094965
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms R_9262 MASCOT NCT00263055
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Colorectal Neoplasms OXALI_L_03768 GLUTOX NCT01087658
OXALIPLATIN Eloxatin Pancreatic Neoplasms OXALI_L_04918 NA NCT01121848

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