Clinical Study Results Sanofi Pharma, including Sanofi Genzyme

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Clinical study results Sanofi pharma, including Sanofi Genzyme – Letter V

Generic Name Trade Name Condition Study Code Study Name ACCESS TO STUDY / PROTOCOL Access to results
VALPROATE Depakine Bipolar Disorder DPKOT_L_01567 GEVANS NCT00477373
VALPROATE Depakine Epilepsy L_8923 NA NA
VALPROATE Depakine Epilepsy L_8971 VAPOP NCT00385411
VALPROATE Depakine Bipolar Disorder L_8979 NA NA
VALPROATE Depakine Bipolar Disorder L_9387 NA NCT00431522
VALPROATE Depakine Bipolar disorder L_9524 ADOKOT NCT00271258
VALPROATE Depakine Epilepsy L_9557 CIVET NA
VALPROATE Depakine Bipolar Disorder R_8740 VALID NCT00264173
VALPROATE Depakine Bipolar I Disorder EFC_5196 NEW DELI NA
VALPROATE Caprelsa Thyroid Cancer D4200C00008 
NA NA NCT00098345
VALPROATE Caprelsa Colorectal Cancer D4200C00047
NA NA NCT00500292
VALPROATE Caprelsa Non Small Cell Lung Cancer D4200C00057 NA NA NCT00364351
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Cancer of Ovary, Fallopian Tube, or Peritoneum D4200C00083 ZACFAST NCT00862836
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Biliary Tract Cancer D4200L00007 VANGOGH NCT00753675
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Prostate Cancer D4200C00080 NA NCT00659438
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Lung Cancer D4200C00036 ZEAl NCT00418886
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Lung Cancer D4200C00077 NA NCT00777179
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Mesothelioma D4200C00075 NA NCT00597116
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Thyroid Cancer D4200C00068 NA NCT00358956
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Prostate Cancer D4200C00055 NA NCT00498797
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Colorectal Cancer D4200C00048 NA NCT00454116
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Breast Cancer D4200C00046 NA NCT00494481
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Breast Cancer D4200C00045 NA EudraCT: 2005-003591-38
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Lung Cancer D4200C00044 NA NCT00404924
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Lung Cancer D4200C00032 ZODIAC NCT00312377
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Thyroid Cancer D4200C00098 NA NCT01661179
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Thyroid Cancer LPS14809 NA NCT01496313
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Thyroid Cancer LPS14940 NA NCT00537095
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Liver Cancer D4200C00072 NA NCT00508001
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Breast Cancer D4200L00009 ZACFAST NCT00752986
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Prostate Cancer D4200L00010 ZENITH NCT00686036
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Prostate Cancer LPS14813 NA NCT01876784
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Lung Cancer D4200L00012 ZELIG NCT00753714
VANDETANIB Caprelsa Medullary Thyroid Cancer D4200C00088 NA NCT01298323
VENGLUSTAT Not marketed Fabry Disease ACT13739 NA EudraCT: 2013-005324-41
VENGLUSTAT Not marketed Fabry Disease LTS14116 NA NCT02489344
VIGABATRIN Sabril Infantile Spasms EFC12369 NA EudraCT: 2017-000230-62
VIGABATRIN Sabril Infantile Spasms LTS12745 NA EudraCT: 2017-000611-17

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