Remember a time when innovation was confined to R&D? Well not any more. Today, perpetual innovation is part of Sanofi’s DNA and radiates horizontally and vertically through everything we do, from hiring staff and talking to patients to finding medical solutions.

The key is open innovation, a 360° mindset that involves joint ventures and co-creations with, among others, healthcare players, academia, start-ups, and policymakers, that has embedded itself into our daily life. Combined with increasingly sophisticated and precise digital technologies, such as AI, innovation is our partner for reinvention and growth.

In the ever-changing world in which we operate, however, what made us successful yesterday may not help us succeed tomorrow, which is why we are accelerating our transformational journey to becoming the most dynamic player in the healthcare industry.

Today we use the multifaceted reach of innovation in areas such as clinical trials and real world evidence to better understand out patients and to tailor our medicines with the utmost precision.

Our development of mobile technology and telemedicine capabilities, in partnership with Science 37, has created “site-less” or decentralized clinical trials, making it easier for patients to participate. Patients are also more readily sharing their digital footprint through wearables, sensors and apps, enabling us to gather real world evidence to understand the reality of what works and how our patients react. To make sense of the data we collect we built DARWIN, the first Sanofi Real-World Data platform, which houses data from 300 million patients worldwide and 318 disease areas.

We also use innovative tools to modify our products to suit our patients. Our joint venture with Verily Life Sciences (an Alphabet company) founded the Onduo Virtual Diabetes Clinic find the right combination of device, software, medicine, and care for the right patient.

Innovation to improve precision is also at the core of how and with whom we work. Our digital plants use models and simulations to transform how we plan, design and operate our facilities from the concept through to delivering products to patients. In the near future we will work alongside “Cobots” – collaborative robots that recognize their environment to operate safely and Autonomous Mobile Robots that will automatically transport raw materials, equipment and products to different points in the facility.

And there’s more. Sanofi also uses AI to refine how we build our teams. In China, we are the first pharma company to implement AI interviews in campus recruitment, while in Latin America we use WePow, a mobile-enabled video interviewing technology, giving candidates the opportunity to record live or pre-record interviews. In addition, R&D recruiters are using iMatch, a new sourcing technology, to identify more targeted applicants.

Our teams are constantly pushing the boundaries, challenging the status quo and reaching for the unexpected through, e.g. the ITS and Medical backed hackathon, Captivate, to create innovation projects that will improve interaction between patient and healthcare professionals.

Without realizing it, innovation has become part and parcel of our normal working life and is showing no signs of stopping. And it is this spirit of innovation that has identified Sanofi as a key player by the organizers of VivaTech, the international hub for startups and leaders who dare to make a difference.