Sanofi’s digital ambition is to be the leading digital healthcare platform for patients, providers, payers, and researchers. We believe digital solutions can transform how we discover, develop and deliver therapies through novel data insights and accelerated approaches. Digital can also unlock engaging experiences which improve outcomes by empowering people to live the life they want with better care at a reduced cost. We seek partners who believe in our ambition, our global reach, and our deep scientific and commercial expertise. We are a leader in Digital partnering to solve critical challenges and pioneer new business models in this rapidly evolving space.

Patient Experiences

Scalable platforms enabling a holistic and seamless approach to shorten the diagnostic journey, provide patient care for the full spectrum of diseases from large, chronic to diseases treated by specialists (e.g., especially in chronic diseases such as diabetes, atopic dermatitis and asthma)

Data & Analytics

• Clinical trial design with modeling and simulation and patient recruitment
• Digital biomarkers for R&D and commercial use cases
• Comparative effectiveness, safety, and value

Operational Excellence

This includes digital transformation of each function and integrated across functions

Your dedicated partnering lead in Digital

Dave Peak

Global Head of Digital Strategy

Success Stories

This collaboration allows the use of computational platforms that collect and process datasets that incorporate behavior and activity data, and also analyzes and builds predictive models to correlate data to health outcomes.

Strategic agreement with Dario to promote the Dario multi-condition digital therapeutics solution, and to collaborate to develop new or enhanced solutions leveraging the Dario platform.