Drug Discovery identifies bioactive synthetic molecules and advances them to the clinical stage. It covers the fields of lead generation biology, structural biology, computational design, medicinal chemistry and pharmacokinetics. We openly pursue collaborations that could benefit from our expertise in biologics research, as well as development and manufacturing of recombinant enzymes, mAbs, antibody-drug conjugates, insulins, fusion proteins, gene and nucleic acid therapeutics. Biologics molecules make up more than 50% of our development pipeline. Our significant commitment in this area is clear.

We remain on the cutting edge of discovery, development and manufacturing. Sharing  expertise and incorporating external innovation can only lead to more advancements. 

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Brian Bronk

Global Head of Business Development, Neurology, Rare Diseases & Technology Platforms

Sarah Tao

Head of External Innovation, Biologics & Small Molecules

Success Stories

Exscientia is a pharmatech company that established unique end-to-end AI drug discovery and translational research capabilities based on sophisticated AI and machine learning methods. Sanofi’s collaboration with Exscientia aims to transform how we discover and develop new small molecule medicines for cancer and immune-mediated diseases. With the goal to generate up to 15 novel small-molecule candidates, both companies have started to collaborate in discovering targets, accelerating drug discovery research and designing precision-engineered medicines.

This collaboration focuses on broad R&D use cases including new target identification and drug combinations to provide high value insights through access to domain expertise and multi-model trained AI models. This partnership enables the build of disease models that better leverage our genomics and genetic data sets and provides access to research-grade cohorts that include longitudinal molecular, imaging, pathology, and outcome data.

Sanofi and IGM collaborate to leverage IGM Biosciences proprietary IgM antibody technology platform to discover agonists against several targets. Exclusive worldwide collaboration agreement to create, develop, manufacture and commercialize IgM antibody agonists against three oncology targets and three immunology/inflammation targets.