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As part of our commitment to the global cancer community, we developed a contributions program in 2020, offering support to local, regional and global organizations working on solutions for the unique challenges of cancer and aging.

Contributions Initiative
Over 50
Organizations around the globe
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Countries received funding

2022 Contributions Initiative

We are proud to announce our 2022 Contributions Initiative program, which provides support to local organizations working to address systemic challenges and/or improve the patient journey for vulnerable communities, including the aging. Please refer to the below submission criteria for this year’s contributions:

  • Submissions may include local, regional and global non-profit organizations, including patient advocacy groups and professional organizations, active in the field of oncology. We will prioritize areas where Sanofi is currently working (e.g., prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, multiple myeloma).
    • The contribution cannot be made to an individual or customer. 
  • Contributions can support live or virtual activities and/or programs aimed at educating patients, patients’ families/caregivers, patient organizations or programs that raise awareness. 
    • The contribution cannot support proposals that provide continuing education to healthcare professionals or political activities, but only contributions opportunities that support patient needs. 
  • Priority will be given to non-profit organizations or programs that focus specifically on addressing the needs of older persons with cancer or initiatives that focus on addressing outdated policies and programs within local or regional health systems, that maintain inequities for those with cancer. 
  • The contribution requested and provided may not exceed 25% of an organization’s estimated annual income.
  • Local, regional or global organizations are encouraged to apply via the online portal by June 30, 2022.

Since the program launch, Sanofi has provided support for a wide range of initiatives that aim to improve the patient journey for aging people with cancer. These efforts around the world are instrumental as we look to better support people living with cancer across our oncology therapeutic areas, including multiple myeloma, skin, lung and breast cancers.

Spotlighting our impact at the local level

To demonstrate the impact that the Contributions Initiative has made for global oncology organizations, we are proud to share the stories of three recipients supporting cancer patients in Mexico, Germany and Greece.

Melanom Info Deutschland: Addressing Unique Challenges of Skin Cancer Patients in Germany
Melanom Info Deutschland: Addressing Unique Challenges of Skin Cancer Patients in Germany

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