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Safety is Top Priority in COVID-19 Vaccine #WeStandWithScience

Virus Covid-19

Sanofi and GSK Initiate Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine

small-molecule protein degraders

Driven by the Science: Small-Molecule Protein Degraders

Sanofi scientists are using protein degrader technology to design and develop drugs that could destroy key proteins in different types of cancer


The Fight against COVID-19

As the pandemic continues, Sanofi is at the forefront of vaccine development, while carrying on the daily business of making and delivering medicines for patients

woman writing on a transparent wall

Supporting People with Cancer during COVID-19

Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, Sanofi continues to support the patient communities it serves—including the cancer community


The Last Mile: Innovative Breakthrough in Sleeping Sickness Treatment

Sanofi and DNDi are co-developing a second innovative treatment to strengthen their support for the sustainable elimination of sleeping sickness

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You will join a diverse mix of people, who genuinely believe in our mission to help people around the world live healthier lives

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    Hart-Scott-Rodino waiting period expires for Sanofi’s acquisition of Principia Biopharma Inc.

How Multiple Sclerosis Affects the Brain

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