Employees do More to Protect the Planet

Meet the Tribe, a 2,000-strong employee network whose energy and creativity are driving new ways to make Sanofi’s sites and activities environmentally sustainable. Launched in 2020, the network of green ambassadors is made up of employees from all aspects of the business across 77 countries.

“Sanofi has constantly raised its ambitions to achieve environmentally sustainable sites around the world, but we realized we can do more, so we to tapped into our core strength-our people-whose commitment to protecting the planet is inspiring,” said Philippe Luscan, Executive Vice President and Head of Industrial Affairs.

The Sanofi Environment Fund was launched, throwing down the gauntlet for the intrapreneurial community to brainstorm ideas, from small, every-day habits to local initiatives, and ambitious global goals.

Of the 161 novel ideas pitched to reduce Sanofi’s environmental footprint, three teams-from France, Belgium and Italy, Vietnam, and Ireland-will see their projects financed and implemented on Sanofi’s sites with the objective of replicating these pilot projects worldwide.