Sanofi Promotes Women in Tech

The most influential women in technology gathered at the Women in Technology World Series event in Amsterdam, November, to push forward ideas to transform healthcare delivery and outcomes for patients around the world. 

Forty delegates from Sanofi joined the discussions around ITS as a driver for digital convergence in healthcare through the implementation of disruptive technologies to create innovative solutions, add business value, and bolster competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“I'm proud to represent Sanofi at this very energizing event, a unique opportunity to engage with my techy sisters all round Europe!” said Laurence Festor, Head of ITS Quality Performance and Supplier Management. “It’s an opportunity to connect, discover new technologies and bring back innovative and inspiring cultural ideas.”


The male/female ratio of the ITS Workforce worldwide today

It’s also an opportunity to engage with talented women and bring more female leaders into the healthcare and technology industries to deliver diverse perspectives on healthcare issues. 

“Women are still largely underrepresented in tech,” added Charlotte Vestergaard, Head of ITS Europe, “and in healthcare there is a need to ensure the voices of women are heard when developing healthcare solutions to meet patients’ needs.”

Diversity is part of Sanofi’s strategic workforce plan, which includes accelerated recruitment of female talent as well as accelerating female executives in leadership roles. “More diverse companies perform better because of the diverse thinking and approach to business problems. Diversity is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘mission critical’ matter for business success,” said Erik Verrijssen, Chief Information Officer.

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<br><br><br>Sanofi at the Women’s Forum, Paris

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