Sanofi Volunteers

The people of Ukraine continue to support each other on many fronts, including the frontlines of healthcare. Since end of February, volunteers have played an essential role in ensuring continuity of care. We’re proud of our employees for stepping up to contribute their time, energy, and skills to preserving life and health.

“The hardest decision of my life was to leave everything, to choose my child over my country. Now, 2000 km away in a small French village, I’m torn by feelings of guilt, doubt, helplessness, uncertainty, and fear for the lives of people I love, who stayed to fight for our future. The town I am living in now independently collects aid for Ukraine, so my daughter and I can take action and volunteer for our country from a distance.”
Khrystyna, Commerce Specialist, Sanofi Ukraine

"My close friends and I are living together now, raising seven children under the same roof. Thanks to the support of my friend, who became a nanny in our “family kindergarten”, I have time to volunteer. As a doctor, I can help sort medicines and consult where I’m needed. At our country’s most difficult time, our Sanofi community has been united by shared values and a willingness to make sacrifices. I’m proud to be leading a team of such wonderful people.”
Olena, General Medicines Zone Manager

“We’re working hard to support patients who are already participating in our clinical studies and receiving innovative drugs. We’re all doing our best to ensure they continue to have access to effective treatment.”
Ievgen, Doctor and musician, Head of Sanofi’s Clinical Sciences Unit in Ukraine

“Our Sanofi colleagues have been volunteering to sort donated medicines, provide food and medicines to the bedridden and elderly, provide medical care and clothing in field hospitals, and assist with administration amidst incredible disruption. At the same time, we continue to learn and improve our professional skills, so we’re prepared to fully support our patients when this war ends.”
Iryna, Medical Representative, Sanofi Ukraine

"Volunteering is a front of kindness. I am proud of everyone who is currently volunteering, whether it’s sorting medicines, clothes, cleaning supplies that come in from all over the world; feeding the needy; helping at the train station; supporting people who need transportation and resettlement; or processing the dozens of applications for assistance that come in every day."
Olga, District Sales Manager, Sanofi Ukraine

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