Making medicine is a complex journey with high stakes; getting it wrong is not an option. It takes many pairs of hands using multiple technology and production lines to make sure that every single vial, bottle and packet meet the highest standard. We strive to ensure that this quality mindset, or commitment to perfection, in our teams is shared right across the entire journey of drug development, from our researchers in the R&D labs to our colleagues working in the complex industrial process on our manufacturing sites. Regardless of the job or where it is based, each employee comes to work knowing that their part in making medicine can be nothing short of perfect. The complexity, diversity, and scale of what we do requires an exceptional level of commitment from our teams.

In this new series, we focus on the men and women who unwaveringly bring a shared quality mindset to work every day, starting with our teams who make vaccines for populations all over the world.

A Personal Commitment to Quality in Vaccines

At Sanofi Pasteur, we produce one billion vaccine doses each year that protect millions of people around the world. Each vaccine results from complex processes, often involving multiple technology platforms and production lines. We have built a true culture of quality to protect everyone’s health at every stage of life, from our newborns to our grandparents.

'When it Comes to Making Vaccines We Only Have One Standard – Highest Quality'

Vincent Hingot, Head of Sanofi Global Vaccines Manufacturing and Supply

We asked Sanofi Pasteur’s Chief Quality Officer, Ryan Riboldi, to share his views on the importance of quality in vaccine production

Why is Quality so important in the development of vaccines? 
Quality is mandatory when you produce vaccines and any pharmaceutical drugs, but there are differences that set vaccines apart from traditional pharmaceutical production. We work with live viruses or bacteria. We attenuate or weaken these living micro-organisms or change their functionality so they boost the immune system to recognize and fight off the real pathogen to prevent disease. With vaccines, we are vaccinating healthy babies, children, adults, and the elderly, which increases the importance of the strict compliance to quality and safety standards.  This helps to ensure whenever we license a vaccine in a given country, we submit not just the product specifications but the entire manufacturing process. Within Sanofi Pasteur, Quality is at the top of our core mission to protect public health. 

What can happen if Quality standards aren’t met? 
This is not something that is acceptable within Sanofi Pasteur. Every employee within our organization is committed to Quality and is dedicated to our mission to protect human life. 

What kind of person does it take to work in Quality?
As Sanofi Pasteur’s Chief Quality Officer, I want to make sure our employees embody a quality mindset, and they understand the importance of their role in the manufacture and testing of our vaccines. I want employees who understand the role they play in the protection of human life. We have a great responsibility to protect as many people as possible and to be a trusted partner for health authorities worldwide. People working in Quality roles are critical, because they ensure compliance for the vaccines we produce on a daily basis. 

Sharing a Quality Mindset

People with a quality mindset come to work every day with a commitment to perfection. Most of their work is unseen, too often unheralded, yet they are absolutely leaders in the everyday, in their exceptional commitment to getting it right. 

A Dedication to Quality for Patients

‘We can find potential anomalies, the tiniest of flaws, in a second’

Michael, Swiftwater, USA

‘We are all certain of one thing: we are going to see a polio-free world in our lifetime’

Jennifer, Toronto, Canada

‘Our role is to guarantee the integrity of the vaccine’

Kevin, Marcy l’Etoile, France