Charlie, Hong Kong

“After my diagnosis with atopic dermatitis (AD), I thought the condition would limit me in my ability to pursue my dreams. But Sanofi’s AD awareness Campaign showed me that not only can I pursue my dreams, I can even encourage others to pursue theirs! This gives me so much energy and motivation to carry on.”

When we launched an awareness campaign around atopic dermatitis (AD) in Hong Kong, in collaboration with The Hong Kong Allergy Association (AllergyHK), a man called Charlie volunteered to take part.

Diagnosed with severe AD when he was a child, Charlie, now in his 20s was bullied and teased at school for years.

Many people who live with moderate and severe AD like Charlie lose hope of ever feeling better. The campaign encourages them to look ahead and compare living with AD to running a marathon: there are many times when you think you can’t go on, but every step you take brings new hope. 

Hong Kong Patient Story

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As a fitness lover who frequently goes to the gym despite his condition, Charlie was chosen to be featured in Sanofi’s disease awareness campaign, which made him feel truly empowered. As he wrote in a Facebook post, the campaign gave him the opportunity to experience many things for the first time that he didn’t think were possible because of his condition: facing the camera, being in the limelight, meeting new people, including celebrities... This helped him venture out of his comfort zone and he was rewarded by strong support from everyone around him.

Before the campaign, he didn’t even want to look at photos of himself; today he will be the face of a public campaign. He is grateful that the campaign released him from the mental prison he had been struggling to get out of. It empowered him to go the extra mile as he now knows that he is in charge of his own future and not limited by his disease. In the past, he felt that his family was his only support as he fought his condition, but thanks to this campaign he no longer feels pitied but empowered to help other patients and fight this battle together. As he says in the first line of his Facebook post: “I decide who I am!”

Inna, Russia

“I was 26 when my symptoms started and 33 before I was diagnosed with Pompe disease. Knowing what was wrong allowed me to learn how to enjoy every day of my life.”

Mobile Clinics, Algeria

The deployment of mobile clinics allows patients in remote areas without medical specialists to access screening, specialized consultations and to be included in a healthcare system.

Daw Tint, Myanmar

“Before my diagnosis, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. My mood became irritated, I became aggressive, not satisfied with myself.”

Tetote Call Center, Japan

Our first mission in rare diseases is to bring hope. Providing information on lysosomal storage disorders to healthcare professionals, patients and their families is a key part of this mission, to contribute to the early diagnosis of these diseases.

Mykhailo, Ukraine

“I simply believed that I had a future ahead, and nothing could shake my faith. I am very grateful to socially responsible businesses that take care of patients when the state is not able to.”