Annual General Meeting 2021


Questions asked in writing

Reply to the written questions from Mrs. Hirsh at Vancity Investment Management

Reply to the written question from Mrs. Veraldi

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Press release

Compte-rendu (in French)

Voting results


Notice of meeting

Addendum to the Report on compensation of corporate officers

Notice of meeting (avis de réunion) published in BALO (in French)

Notice of meeting (avis de convocation) published in BALO (in French)

Proposed resolutions

Voting formular

Information concerning the total number of voting rights and shares, March 19, 2021

Attestation sur le mécénat (in French)

Attestation sur les rémunérations (in French)

Resolution 15. Rapport sur la réduction du capital (in French)

Resolutions 16-17-18-20-21. Rapport sur la délégation globale (in French)

Resolution 23. Rapport sur l'épargne salariale (in French)

Resolution 24. Rapport sur les actions gratuites (in French)