Cancer & Work: Acting Together

Published on: February 5, 2024


Cancer & Work: Acting Together French Network
Our 360° approach caring for colleagues impacted directly and indirectly with cancer and other critical illnesses.

What the numbers say


New cancer cases in France are projected to double from 216,130 (1990) to 433,136 (2023)(1)
Cancer & Work Global Roll-Out Team
Cancer & Work Global Roll-Out Team

We’re removing the stigma of cancer from the workplace.  

We’re creating an environment where everyone is supported to bring their best self to work. In 2023, we signed  Publicis’ global pledge called #WorkingWithCancer – asking companies to publicly commit to fight cancer and its stigmas in the workplace. Cancer & Work: Acting Together is our 360° approach to addressing the financial, emotional, social and professional needs of colleagues impacted by cancer or other critical illnesses (as defined by each affiliate around the world).

The Origin of Cancer & Work 

In 2017, colleagues in R&D France who were impacted by cancer wanted to shine a light on and address the challenges encountered at work by employees who faced cancer, directly or indirectly. Since that launch, more than 350 employees have benefitted and their feedback is positive.

Creating a truly inclusive environment.  

Helene Bonnet, Global Cancer & Work Implementation Co-lead
Helene Bonnet, Global Cancer & Work Implementation Co-lead

"This program was built by employees having experienced cancer. It offers people best-in-class benefits and wellbeing resources and peer-to-peer support, delivered by employees trained to counsel and to better manage the impact of the illness within teams. I truly believe that our collective intelligence can change lives. We started with France, and the program is now bigger, better, and truly inclusive."

Sabina Vranic, Global Cancer & Work Implementation Co-lead
Sabina Vranic, Global Cancer & Work Implementation Co-lead

It is not only about the emotional support from people who’ve been through a similar journeyWith this new landmark initiative, employees diagnosed with cancer will be able to maintain their employment, salary, and benefits for up to 12 months, no matter their role or geographical location. This program is a significant game changer and a clear demonstration of how much Sanofi cares about their employees."


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