Sanofi response to the situation in Ukraine

Update: September 29, 2022

We continue to be shocked and saddened by the brutality of the Russian armed forces against Ukraine and the resulting suffering of the Ukrainian people. The enormity of this tragedy demands a sustained response. We stand with the international community in opposing the Russian war and actively supporting the people of Ukraine.

Our colleagues and partners

Our support for the people of Ukraine starts with our own colleagues. Exceptional measures have been taken to help our employees in Ukraine as they navigate this critical situation. Our teams in neighboring countries are supporting colleagues and their families from Ukraine who have made the difficult decision to leave the country.

Humanitarian aid

Foundation S has made donations to the Red Cross and is coordinating donations of essential medicines and vaccines to support Ukrainian patients and Ukrainian refugees. So far, the value of these donated products has reached €23 million.

  • We’ve donated 31 million daily treatments for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, and other life-threatening and chronic conditions, as well as 450.000 vaccines (300.000 diphtheria and tetanus doses), potentially helping 20.5 million people
  • Foundation S has donated €4 million to the Red Cross to support people in Ukraine and neighboring countries, and €1 million to UNHCR to assist refugees
  • We’re matching employee donations (2.800 employees) to Ukraine, which reached 690.000 euros.

Our patients

As a purpose-driven healthcare organization, we continue to take active measures to secure access to essential medicines and vaccines for patients.

Patients are our priority. In line with the position of the international community, we have stopped all new spending in Russia and Belarus that is not related to the supply of our essential medicines and vaccines. This includes all advertising and promotional spending, and a halt to any new recruitment of patients for ongoing clinical trials. We continue to treat patients who are already enrolled in studies. To do otherwise would contradict our purpose, as it would deprive people of essential medicines and vaccines, add to suffering, and damage public health.

  • Securing the supply of medicines: We’ve moved supplies from high-risk areas to safer warehouse locations; established new shipping centers in lower-risk zones; and embraced new partnerships to keep on top of logistics.
  • Clinical trials task force: We’re doing everything we can to help patients and clinicians access sites safely, stay connected with each other through migration and disruption, and access their investigational medicines.


Since February 24, many Sanofi employees within and outside Ukraine have stepped up to contribute their time, energy, and skills as needed. For example, they are:

  • sorting medicines and supplies for Ukraine’s Ministry of Health to distribute to hospitals;
  • organizing, receiving, and sorting donations of insulin to provide essential medicine to diabetes patients;
  • assisting in field hospitals and providing medical consultations;
  • distributing products, medicines, and supplies to ballet schools, donated by creative communities throughout Europe.

Our hope

We continue to advocate strongly for a swift resolution to this crisis. Until there is a return to peace, we will continue to support our colleagues, partners, and patients in Ukraine.

Contact us

We are working actively to help all our patients, including those who have migrated within and beyond Ukraine, access their medications.

  • For patients participating in a clinical trial with a Sanofi product:
    If you have questions about your study participation, please contact us at +441223777070.  We can respond either in English or in Ukrainian. 
  • For all other questions about Sanofi products: 
    Please contact Sanofi Medical Information in the country where you are located.  Alternatively, you can send your question to

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