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Sanofi’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) strategy is built around three key pillars: building representative leadership, creating a work environment where employees can bring their best selves and engaging with the company’s diverse communities.

We’re constantly evolving our DE&I strategy, listening and learning as we progress on our journey. We've taken big steps forward by introducing a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Board and creating a Global Employee Resource Groups (ERG) framework – bringing the outside in and giving our people an even stronger voice.

Meet our DE&I Board

As a first-of-its kind in pharma, our DE&I Board aims to accelerate our DE&I agenda globally with a bold mix of external thought leaders, executives and employees.

Featuring three of the most influential independent voices within the DE&I space, the board was created to hold us to account and ensure we deliver on our DE&I commitments, to monitor progress on our 2025 targets and to advise on how to accelerate the company’s impact in this space.

The DE&I Board also features our CEO, five Sanofi Executive Committee members and our Chief Diversity Officer. Our employees are represented too, with one seat shared between our Global Employee Resource Group (ERG) leads.

External DE&I Board advisors

John Amaechi OBE
Former DE&I
Board member

Dr. Rohini Anand
DEI Advisor,
author, speaker

Caroline Casey
Activist, consultant,
social entrepreneur

Internal DE&I Board members

Natalie Bickford
EVP, Chief People Officer

Olivier Charmeil
EVP General Medicines

Paul Hudson
Chief Executive Officer

Roy Papatheodorou
EVP & General Counsel

John Reed
EVP, Global Head of R&D

Thomas Triomphe
EVP Vaccines

Raj Verma
Chief Diversity, Culture
& Experience Officer

Folake Odediran

Folake Odediran
Global ERG Lead

Our Global ERG framework

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led support groups set up to make sure all voices are heard. Currently, we have over 50 local ERGs around the world sharing insights and educating colleagues locally.

Our Global ERG framework aims to help more employees set up ERGs, and to connect existing Local ERGs across countries. It includes the introduction of five Global ERGs, each providing clear direction across a key DE&I strand: Gender+Generations+Pride+Ability+ and Culture and Origins+.

Each Global ERG has a leader who facilitates knowledge sharing, turning local insight onto global action. And each Global ERG is sponsored by an Executive Committee member to champion them at the highest level – reinforcing our commitment to build a thriving ERG movement.

The aims of our five Global ERGs

To drive gender equity through the recruitment, development, engagement and visibility of women at Sanofi.
Executive sponsor: Jean-Baptiste De Chatillon | Lead: Sandra Aramburo

To support and develop all our people at different stages of their professional careers.
Executive sponsor: Arnaud Robert | Lead: Pedro Pittella

To build and promote an inclusive, positive workplace and healthcare for all gender identities and sexual orientations.
Executive sponsor: Julie Van Ongevalle | Lead: Jake Prodoehl

To accelerate disability inclusion with a focus on accessibility, neurodiversity and mental wellbeing – with a lens on long-term and life-changing conditions such as cancer or diabetes.
Executive sponsor: Brendan O'Callaghan | Lead: Andria Cox

To celebrate our humanity and unique cultural backgrounds – and to focus on issues impacting the equity, experiences, feelings of belonging and health disparities of the under-represented.
Executive sponsor: Bill Sibold | Lead: Folake Odediran

Our DE&I ecosystem at a glance

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