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Impactful Initiatives to Raise Awareness

Startup VitaDx Working to Speed up Diagnosis

Early diagnosis remains a major challenge in the fight against cancer because early detection allows the disease to be treated more effectively. French startup VitaDx, is focused on improving early diagnosis in bladder cancer.  Its researchers have developed a technique for fluorescent observation of cells in the bladder wall that allows analysis of the shape, physiology and metabolism of thousands of bladder cancer cells and the early detection of anomalies. This technique, which has been recognized with the Grand Prix de l’Innovation, is based on algorithms of treatment images and machine learning. By automating and systematizing data analysis, it helps to identify diseased cells among thousands of others. The startup, founded in 2015, hopes to apply this technology to also allow for early diagnosis of cancer of the lungs, stomach and thyroid.

Movember: Opening up the Conversation on Men’s Cancer

Last November, we highlighted Movember, an initiative launched in 2003 by the Movember Foundation and followed today by nearly 21 countries. It works to promote dialogue on men's health, including prostate cancer. It is the second most common cancer in men around the world and in the early-stages does not cause any particular symptoms. By raising awareness, the movement hopes to make screening more common, mobilize researchers and advance research treatments to reduce premature male mortality by 25% and to halve the number of prostate cancer deaths by 2030.