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Sanofi joins Women's Forum in Toronto

Not since women won the vote has there been as much turbulence around women’s place and role in society as there is today. There is a deep shift in worldwide attitudes towards equal pay, sexual abuse, and gender equality in all areas of society, a move that is supported and promoted by the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society (WF), the world’s leading platform featuring women’s voices on major social and economic issues.

Sanofi has been a steadfast partner of the WF for the past seven years and is delighted to be in Toronto, with 20 of its people from Canada, the US, and Mexico for the Women’s Forum Canada on May 10-11.

Under the theme "Bridging the gap: A call to the G7 for inclusive progress," the meeting provides a unique opportunity to generate concrete ideas to inform and influence the agenda of the G7 Summit that takes place at the end of May. Discussions revolve around the challenges of today to find specific solutions for tomorrow to encourage G7 countries to take steps not only to promote gender equality but also to address other human issues.

"Our commitment on behalf of women, both in society and within Sanofi, has steadily increased," says Executive Committee member Karen Linehan, a founding member of Sanofi's Gender Balance Network.

While recognizing that women play a vital role in the economy, in their communities and especially in promoting access to healthcare, as a health journey partner, we are also focusing on improving access for underserved populations to high quality healthcare and medicines. Today, one-third of the world's population does not have access to quality health solutions.

At a roundtable on "Fueling the engines of innovation," Niven Al-Khoury, Country Chair of Sanofi Canada, discusses the rapid pace of innovation and the growing use of digital technologies in healthcare. “We have remarkable new scientific and technological tools that can speed up the discovery of new medicines and vaccines to make them available to patients sooner,” says Al-Khoury. “In doing so, we must ensure that innovation is inclusive, we leverage the broader digital ecosystem such as AI, and that we are working with the right partners to deliver the greatest possible value from our therapies. The delivery of healthcare is ever-changing, which is why governments, civil society, academia, industry, patient groups share the common responsibility to make innovation accessible to all patient populations.”

Sanofi has even more opportunity to contribute its knowledge and commitment to gender equality and improved access to healthcare as it is now a global strategic member of the WF’s new Strategic Committee. Membership provides an opportunity to pilot the forum’s new "Daring Circles" initiative, which seeks to bring about meaningful changes in society.

After Canada, Sanofi will participate in the Women’s Forum in Singapore on September 12-13 and will attend the third and final gathering at the Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris on November 14-16.

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