My story

I was 15 when my mother told me that she had breast cancer. We had just moved to Paris together so I was already going through a hard time. I felt responsible for her and was emotionally overwhelmed. The hardest thing was imagining her suffering, because even if I wasn't afraid for her - I knew that breast cancer could be treated - the treatment damages everything.

For a woman, losing her hair, eyebrows and nails was undoubtedly the most difficult thing. As loved ones, we need help, but I didn’t want to talk about my mother's illness and it put a barrier between my friends and me. Taking care of mum on a daily basis took its toll physically and emotionally, it was always there. But today, I no longer feel sad or negative. Cancer is something that happens, there's nothing you can do about it except treat it. I can live my life and take care of her, because I love her, not because I am afraid for her. As a caregiver, you can’t feel sorry for yourself. Mum has been in remission for two years now, but even though she is cured, cancer has transformed her.

After the disease, she started a new fight to find her place again. I am very proud of what my mother did through the Cancer and Work project. The real fight is the one she is fighting today.