Sarah Farhoud

Team Sanofi Coach


Former Saudi Women Paralympic Team doctor


32 years old


Saudi Arabia


Rehabilitating people with illnesses and disabilities and encouraging women of all ages to achieve their goals

Sarah is an inspirational coach and physician specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) who is passionate about sport and its ability to help rehabilitate people with illnesses and disabilities. As a fitness coach, Sarah is also passionate about encouraging women of any age to come together and encourage each other to achieve their goals. 

Sarah has been passionate about sports since she was a teenager. At the age of 19, she started a job as a fitness trainer in a gym while studying medicine, leading her overtime to combine these two passions to help athletes reach their potential. As a physiatrist specialised in PM&R medicine, Sarah treats, cares for and rehabilitates patients who have experienced major injuries and traumas, such as amputations, brain damage and other forms of disabilities. 
Sarah reached a big milestone in her career when she became the medical director  for the Saudi Arabian team at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Most importantly during her time as a physician, Sarah also became an inspirational coach to the team offering psychological, mental and emotional support to the competing athletes.

Sarah passes on to her patients and athletes competing in the Olympic Games and other competitions a champion’s mindset, which is her belief that in order to succeed in all aspects of life, someone must try again and again, and to accept their failures. Because accepting your victories as well as your failures is an effective way of knowing your limits and when to push them back – helping you to become a better person overall. 

As fitness coach, Sarah uses her platform and experience to create a running program for women in Riyadh to encourage women’s participation in sport and enable them to come together to discover running, meet new people, gain self-confidence, safety and freedom in a welcoming and supportive community. Sarah also focuses on introducing recovery and meditation training to her fellow runners with her experience in yoga over the past 7 years.

World Track Record

  • Medical Direction for the Saudi Arabian Paralympic Team at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games
  • IOC Diploma in Sport Medicine
  • Running Coach focussing on Women in running in Saudi Arabia

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