The Sanofi Cup

Igniting Every Sanofian's Potential
Sports captivate millions with tales of resilience, perseverance, performance, and teamwork. At Sanofi, we believe that every Sanofian has an inner competitor, and the Sanofi Cup—the biggest internal competition in our history—is just the platform to let that spirit soar.
Sanofians at the Sanofi Cup event in Montpellier, September 2023
Sanofians at the Sanofi Cup event in Montpellier, September 2023

The Essence of the Sanofi Cup

As our very own Chris Liwski, Head of Legal, North America & Global Head of Litigation, Consumer Healthcare, and former professional rower, likes to put it: Science and sports have a lot in common; passion, experimentation, dedication, teamwork…the list goes on. And it’s these shared values that we wanted to put forward through the Sanofi Cup.

More than just a competition, the Sanofi Cup is a worldwide celebration of our shared values and a symbol of our partnership with Paris 2024. It brings Sanofians together in the spirit of "Igniting Potential", marking a journey of self-discovery, inclusion, and commitment to the broader Sanofi family.

Participants can explore three unique challenges, sports-based or not, that cater to diverse interests:


A journey into personal growth. Be it pushing Sanofians’ physical limits or adopting a new wellness practice, this challenge focuses on personal evolution.

Take Action

A commitment to the community. Through platforms like "We Volunteer" and local initiatives, Sanofians have the opportunity to give back and make a genuine impact.

One Sanofi

A celebration of unity in diversity. This group challenge encourages Sanofians to come together and get involved in a local sporting event, whether competing, coordinating, or cheering from the sidelines.

To be in the running for the Sanofi Cup Final in Paris, participants must complete all three challenges.

A celebration of sports and values - Watch the video!

“In sports, I always find it very exciting to play with people who are significantly better than me. Same goes for work. You can learn a lot when you work with more experienced people.”

Johannes, Germany

“I’m running marathons outside of work. So, it’s natural for me to participate in the Sanofi Cup! I find it very important to have this collective event and come together as Sanofians, and also to have fun!”

Nirmala, France

“Being here today is all about celebrating our community. As we say, making medicines is a team effort and so are sports. We want to come here and show that we’re in this together.”

Leighton, US

“I'm happy to be manning the beverage booth; it's a lot like my support function job. I might be behind the scenes, but I make sure things run smoothly."

Yvonne, Germany

“The competition is about realizing the value of teamwork. Everyone might be skilled individually, but working together often achieves more than working alone.”

Adel, US

“For me, there is a strong link between my day-to-day work and sport: it is self-surpassing. Delivering drugs on time for patients is like sports. It's a challenge, it's to really stretch yourself.

Camille, France

The Sanofi Cup Final in Paris

Come June 2024, all roads lead to Paris, the proud host of the Sanofi Cup Final. This inclusive global sporting competition will celebrate the spirit of unity and excellence. Participants, each representing their countries or regions, will demonstrate their skills in various sports and team challenges.

Beyond the thrill of the competition, the Sanofi Cup Final is about recognizing these individuals and teams not just as outstanding athletes but as deeply engaged Sanofians. It aims to spark internal engagement, consolidate our cultural foundation, and wave the "One Sanofi" flag high.

An Event with Meaning

The Sanofi Cup is a testament to our company’s culture and commitment to communities. It brings our core values and mission into the limelight, creating meaningful experiences and fostering a deep sense of pride among Sanofians. The Cup’s goal is to inspire every employee to expand their horizons, stretch outside their comfort zone, cultivate collaboration, and champion workplace wellbeing. And local events strengthen the bond with the communities we're part of.

To join us in this celebration of the spirit of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, follow us on social media for glimpses into the competition.

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