Théo Curin

Team Sanofi Mentor

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Swimming - Extreme Swimmer


23 years old




(Re)integrating through sport, enabling young people with cancer and rare diseases to achieve their dreams while raising awareness of meningitis prevention

About the Athlete

Théo is a French para-swimmer, model, speaker and comedian. He's also committed to raising awareness and preventing meningitis. His positive attitude and relentless drive to keep chasing his dreams without allowing anything to hold him back inspires many to continuously seek discomfort and challenge themselves to be and do better every day.
Théo was just six years old when he contracted bacterial meningitis (meningococcal meningitis type C). His condition's severity and complications meant he had to have four limbs amputated to save his life. Inspired by a quadruple amputee and record-breaking athlete, Philippe Croizon, who also had his four limbs amputated and swam across the English Channel, Théo turned to swimming to overcome his fear of water – the perfect element in which his handicap can be forgotten and instead allows him to achieve some of the hardest and unparalleled challenges in sport.
Théo is now an "Extreme Swimmer” continuing to set himself new challenges, showing that anything is possible when you go out of your comfort zone and make your differences your strength. He's the sponsor of La Fondation l'Equipe, which supports projects that enable emancipation and personal development through sport; and of the Raphaël Lorraine Association, which enables children suffering from cancer and rare diseases to make their dreams come true. His ability to inspire people and change is why he is a mentor for Team Sanofi, leading the way for all Team members to use their voices and make an impact on the world.

Theo Curin, Ellie Challis and Davide Morana
Theo Curin, Ellie Challis and Davide Morana

Théo also took part in the creation of a unifying symbol, the Meningitis Flag, co-created with two other para-athletes affected by meningitis, Ellie Challis and Davide Morana, and the world’s leading meningitis charity – the Meningitis Research Foundation and Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO), working with Sanofi.

World Track record

  • Youngest member of the French swimming team in the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016, coming in fourth place in 200m freestyle in the S5 category.
  • Two-time world championship runner-up in the 100m and 200m freestyle at the 2017 World Championships in Mexico City.
  • Winner of 200m freestyle bronze at the 2019 World Championships in London.
  • First quadruple-amputee athlete to complete a Half Ironman, in Les Sables d’Olonne in 2020.
  • Extreme Swimmer achieving the Titicaca Challenge in 2021 and Santa Fe in 2022.

Théo's Latest News

Théo Curin shares his story to raise awareness of this preventable disease and to inspire all those who have and have not been affected by meningitis to believe in your dreams and let them drive you.

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