Partnering to advance global health

Global Business Development & Licensing is a key component of our strategy. In order to bring life-changing treatments to unmet healthcare challenges, we always will pursue innovation. We continuously seek innovative collaborations to build alliances that create value for global health.

Accelerate the development of ideas and assets

Our organization is made up of many talented individuals with varied skills and experiences. Most importantly, everyone has a deep commitment to make Sanofi one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the industry. We all want to bring important healthcare solutions to people in need, all over the world. This is core to what we do and think about.
Muzammil Mansuri
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Sanofi

Partnering with us

Collaborations are, for us, one of the crucial elements of success. We are committed to sharing our skills and projects with the best professionals and companies in each of our areas of interest, wherever they are. We have signed agreements with partners around the world, strengthening our network of innovation excellence to deliver great quality products.

Manufacturing and supply

With our established industrial network and technical expertise, we can help you in your quest to convert innovative concepts into industrial realities.

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