With patients at heart, we constantly seek innovation with transformative potential to address unmet healthcare challenges. We nurture innovators and their innovative assets and engage in long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships that drive growth.

Sanofi Ventures

To build relationships with entrepreneurial companies

Business Development

To seek and execute external growth and collaboration partnerships

Alliance Management

To enable seamless collaboration with our partners and to maximise value for Sanofi

Our partnering teams are committed to evaluating your business proposal carefully and in a timely manner, ensuring a seamless collaboration at all stages. As an integrated end-to-end partnering organization we are more efficient, responsive, accountable and empowered.

Sanofi Ventures

As the corporate venture capital arm of Sanofi, Sanofi Ventures looks to seed and to lead financings in early-stage companies with innovative ideas that are of strategic interest to Sanofi. Our portfolio includes companies in rare diseases, oncology, immunology and inflammation, vaccines, neurology, hematology, and digital health solutions. 

In addition to capital, we also offer our portfolio companies access to Sanofi's established expertise and capabilities in early research, preclinical and clinical development, regulatory, manufacturing, market access, commercialization, and more.

"Sanofi Ventures invests in early-stage biotech and digital health companies with innovative ideas and transformative new projects of strategic interest to Sanofi."

Jason Hafler, Managing Director of Sanofi Ventures

Business Development

We’re all about flexibility. The deal structure that’s right for you is unique to you. With a broad range and global scope, we’re able to fully support the strategic intent of the partnership, whatever that may be. From in-and-out licensing, R&D, to joint ventures and strategic alliances – talk to us, we’re ready to do what works for you.

Global Alliance Management

As part of Partnering, our Alliance Management team works to implement a smooth and effective transition from deal signature to deal execution, to provide our partners with a central point of contact and access to Sanofi senior management. We focus on ensuring that our partnered assets are developed and commercialized as envisioned in our agreement.

Our alliance managers have experience across R&D, commercial, manufacturing, finance and other key functions and have strong connections to Sanofi’s core businesses.  Within Alliance Management, we also have a team that is dedicated to engage with multiple key players in Health Care through Public Private Partnership (PPP) frameworks on global and national levels.

"Sanofi understands that building trust and working with mutual respect are the hallmarks of any successful relationship. Global Alliance Management is committed to realizing this for the benefit of our shared asset and the patients who may ultimately benefit."

Michael Iafolla, Global Head of Alliance Management