Dengue fever puts half the world’s population at risk. Our dengue vaccine is part of a global effort to manage and control this unpredictable disease.
A woman leans out of her apartment window in Brazil
A woman leans out of her apartment window in Brazil

Did You Know?

400 million

Estimated number of people who get dengue each year. 100 million show symptoms.1


Number of people who die from severe dengue each year.1

100+ countries

Dengue is endemic in more than 100 countries worldwide.2

Dengue's spread

Dengue is an outbreak-prone, unpredictable disease with a first infection raising the risks that subsequent infections may become severe.

It's transmitted by mosquitoes, so multiple factors, including urbanization, water storage practices and vector control measures can impact the risk for dengue-endemic communities.3

Protecting people at risk

In 2015, we introduced the first dengue vaccine which is registered in several endemic countries, contributing a medical intervention into the ongoing integrated global public health effort to manage and control the disease.

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