Our Aim: Equal Access to Innovative Treatment for all Patients

Global recognition of innovation is complex 

Depending on where they are in the world, people with diabetes have disparate access to medicine and solutions. This can be attributed in part to the high costs related to the pandemic nature of diabetes globally and the degree to which health authorities recognize innovation (i.e. Soliqua & Integrated care). 

Our ambition is to give all patients equal access to innovation, medicines and solutions worldwide. 

 We need a strong coalition of PAG, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and policymakers working together to accomplish this goal. The health of people with diabetes depends not only on us, but also on our relationships with patient groups, policymakers, healthcare professionals and society at large, because these groups help shape local policies. Pooling our resources and expertise will ensure that our actions bring tangible benefits to people with diabetes and strengthen the recognition of outstanding development and innovative solutions. 


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We work tirelessly to develop a broad range of innovative medicines, from oral treatments and insulins to combination therapies 


We have a variety of educational programs and services for people around the world to break down barriers through knowledge

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Integrated solutions that connect treatments, services and data analytics to enable people to live the life they want