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Improving access to healthcare for the most vulnerable

Because one-third of the world’s population does not have access to quality healthcare solutions, we are committed to exploring ways to ensure patients get the treatments they need and improving their quality of life. We also foster the development of prevention through the company’s integrated care program.

As a health journey partner, we focus on one objective: improving access to healthcare and high-quality medications for underserved populations in our fields of expertise by:

  • Serving the needs of patients with non-communicable diseases
  • Contributing to the control, elimination and eradication of some infectious diseases
  • Fighting against falsified medicines
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Contributing to the control, elimination and eradication of some infectious diseases

We have developed substantial expertise in the field of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Polio, Malaria and Sleeping Sickness

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Fighting against falsified medicines

A falsified medicine can cause ineffective treatment, sometimes serious side effects and, in the worst cases, the patient’s death.
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Serving the needs of patients with non-communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases – such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and mental health disorders – are a major public health issue.
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Sanofi Patient Connection in the U.S.

Sanofi U.S. Reaches the 5-Year Milestone for Sanofi Patient Connection™ with Over 1 Million Patients Assisted

Sanofi Patient Connection is a comprehensive patient access and support program in the US, connecting patients to insurance options, medication at no cost when eligible and additional services. In 2016, 171,185 people were assisted across the program’s services, bringing the total number of beneficiaries since its launch in 2012 to more than 1 million. In 2016, through the program’s reimbursement connection services, insurance coverage was identified for 48,405 patients, and 47,031 patients were assisted in transitioning to healthcare insurance. The same year, the program’s Patient Assistance Connection component, made possible by the Sanofi Foundation for North America, provided medications, valued at approximately $264 million, at no cost to 68,273 eligible patients.

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