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As the COVID-19 pandemic places unprecedented demand on science to deliver solutions, Sanofi scientists are working harder than ever before to develop medicines that improve the lives of people living with disease. By combining a long tradition of leadership in vaccines and small molecules with new strengths in cutting-edge biologics, technologies, and collaborations, our R&D teams are solving seemingly intractable biological problems and delivering practice-changing medicines.


R&D Focus Areas

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Immunology & Inflammation
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Rare Blood Disorders
Rare Diseases
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R&D Portfolio

Sanofi aims to raise the standards of disease treatment and prevention by focusing on drugs and vaccines with the greatest potential to improve the lives of patients.

Next Generation Technologies

Sanofi is investing in scalable gene therapies, multi-targeting therapies to tackle complex diseases, and combination therapies to make treatments more effective. We are advancing new biologics to produce precision medicines and leveraging AI to accelerate our discovery and development. Our integration of real-world evidence is enabling us to design innovative, decentralized clinical trials, and to identify new patient groups that might benefit from our medicines. 

Meet Sanofi's Scientists

The scientists, physicians, technicians, product and manufacturing engineers, and world-class innovators who make up Sanofi's R&D community contribute to its scientific leadership. Together, Sanofi is achieving innovations that can transform, extend, and potentially save lives.

Nizar El-Murr

How immuno-oncology can give the body a jump-start in its fight against cancer

Virginia Savova

How single-cell genomics is helping scientists achieve precision immunology

Marie-Priscille Brun

How antibody-drug conjugates are accelerating integrated drug discovery

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Collaboration is crucial to success. We are committed to matching our skills and projects with the best professionals and companies, wherever they are in the world.