Our Mission

The SRI NA team engages in flexible partnering models that include early-stage seed-funding, sponsored research agreements and larger strategic partnerships across the drug discovery and development value chain. We are proud to help partners quickly advance novel discoveries into transformative medicines that benefit patients.

Let’s start a conversation to discover our synergies and solve something challenging together!

Bring Sanofi R&D and external experts together

Deliver a high-quality, unique experience to our partners

Accelerate our pipeline through cutting edge innovations

Promote continuous knowledge sharing

Nurture talent

Our Initiatives

We are committed to building value-generating partnerships across North America through two core initiatives to accelerate the R&D pipeline: Innovation Awards and larger Strategic Partnerships.

Innovation Awards

SRI leads two seed-funding initiatives that facilitate collaborations and new ways of thinking to develop the latest groundbreaking science and technologies that can both enrich and accelerate the R&D pipeline: The Innovation Awards (iAwards) and Innovations in Data Exploration, Analytics & Technology (iDEA-iTECH) awards. Award recipients benefit from access to R&D expertise and drug development capabilities to help advance their ideas over one year while also forging long-lasting partnerships.

A partnering mechanism to transform breakthrough innovations developed by partners into new therapeutic solutions

Delivers new AI tools, data and breakthrough technologies to help advance the R&D portfolio.

Strategic Partnerships

SRI works hand in hand with the North American ecosystem to build strategic partnerships and accelerate innovation in R&D.

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Stanford Immunology Research Partnership

In May 2021, Sanofi and Stanford University School of Medicine started a 3-year open innovation partnership to gain deeper insights into mechanisms underlying inflammatory diseases and advance innovative, translational concepts through the drug discovery pipeline.

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Our team

Karen Chandross, PhD
Head of Scientific Relations & Initiatives

Wayne Rowe, PhD
iAwards Program Lead

Luke Hanlin, PhD
iAwards Program Manager

Lucie Rochard, PhD
External Engagement Program Lead

MaryClare McCorry, PhD
Project Lead

Laura Chambre, PhD
Project Lead

Jamee Downes, MA
Coordinator, Scientific Relations & Initiatives

For more information about North America partnerships, contact SRI-NA@sanofi.com